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Fall is Squirrel season! Many are hard at work, stashing their harvest for the coming colder months. They use their gift of memory to place treasures and sustenance away for safekeeping.

You can always rely on Squirrel to share from their abundance in storage when times are lean. They’re generous and take pride in their ability to be prepared and help shelter others from the cold.

They’re also great storytellers, and have a knack for generating endearment for their slightly neurotic ways--they can tend toward the anxious, worrisome types-- but they have a flair for the dramatic, enjoy the attention, and don’t mind poking fun of themselves, which makes them wonderful company and friends.

Squirrels will always help with the right tool, finding the right word, the perfect greeting card or fill the gaps in your memory for certain events by adding color, flavor and a feeling of being right there in the moment. They can retrace steps without the map--they have an incredible knack for remembering places and directions without prompting. Count on Squirrel and Squirrel Medicine when you are preparing for a long journey or a big commitment. Their quirkiness, fleet-rootedness, resourcefulness, sense of humor and fast recall make them irreplaceable companions.

Autumn is the time where our own Squirrel tendencies may show up as well--so enjoy your natural inclinations to place things in storage, wrap yourself in warmth, eat nutty or salty tastes and to cuddle with your loved ones in coziness. Squirrel reminds us that we can get fantastic exercise when we take action in preparation for the future. It burns energy--yes calories!--when we tend to the basement or attic and box items up with love. Enjoy taking some self-care time to these repositories of our self-conscious this week--by treating yourself to nice storage containers, labeling them, and packing things up until spring in a fashion that your future self will thank you for.

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