I'm imagining that the emergence of spring has come after a long winter hibernation. Nature is waking up after a long winter’s nap. A spell had been cast to banish the winter.

I am lying flat on my back, awake in the dark of the night in my bed, all tucked in. The cozy bundle of a soft feather pillow and cotton sheet and quilt pulled up over my shoulders. I am in the moments between wakefulness and sleep with that feeling of relaxing to allow the dreams to begin. I open my eyes and shut them focusing on the light and shadows in my bedroom. The full moon is magnetic, as it hangs in the deep blue night sky. Moonlight illuminates silvery light through my windows on this clear and starry night. The reflection is like a mirror into my soul. The warm wind blows the blinds and fills the sheer white curtains. The blinds clank on the window as the air-filled curtains expand and contract. The scent of earthy fragrances enter into the room like a mist from the essences of the night. I can hear the nocturnal creatures just outside of the open windows. I recognize that the bats echolocation, clicking, with their high pitched frequency has returned. Joining in are frogs and toads on the pond with their sounds; music to my soul, purrrreeeek, crrreeeeek, waaaaaaaaaaa, ru-u-u-ummm.  An owl is close by in the forest, hooting in the late of the night.

I begin to drift off to sleep, going into a vision or dreaming about walking barefoot up to a stone wall at the arched entrance. I enter into an enchanted garden with bouncing bunnies. There is a fountain in the center of the courtyard. I can only describe this as the most vivid of visions of an early spring mossy garden with a variety of new growth flowers, trees, plants, vines and bushes. Not fully awake and just momentarily waking, then in the blink of the eyes, drifting back into a deep slumber.

The next morning, the windows were open right before I woke to let the warm sunlight and fresh spring air in. It was as if the wind blew in a touch of magic, as if anything may happen today. Sitting up in bed, then tiptoeing the floor underneath me. I feel the grounding underneath my feet.

I go to my dressing room closet. The awe-inspiring dress was there, along with underclothes, tights and a hooded coat, dress, and boots. I slip into the undergarments with ease. The white body contouring silhouette dress has a hemline to right at the ankle and fits perfectly. I look into the mirror to admire the clothes along with new boots. I carefully put on the lightweight coat which is knee length. It is adorned with white cotton lace, sewn with crystals. There is a light, airiness in my step as I head toward the outside world. The front door is wide open which is unusual but with the warm wind and bright sun on my freckled face, I quickly make my way. An empty basket sits by the door ready to be filled. I invite in curiosity, and contentment.

Transported to a place without dates or times, here in the forest I am quite alone and yet in fine company indeed. The dew droplets glisten mirroring the tears of awe from my eyes. The birds are singing up in the trees. Birds singing, twittering and flying from tree to tree. I notice the flowering magnolia trees with their buds of light pink to deep purple flowers. The tree got my attention as the twigs snagged at my hair while I walked by. The redbud trees were easy to identify by their small pink flowers that bloom in clusters. Plum trees were starting to turn green and bloom with small pink-white flowers. Flowering plum trees look almost identical to the cherry trees nearby, but the cherry blossoms have a small notch at the end of their petals. Dogwood trees with creamy-white flowers. I looked closer at the four petals on each tiny  flower. The aroma of the bouquet of flowers’ delightful fragrance is intoxicating. The ground turning green is covered with flora and fauna. Each tree is a masterpiece, each wand of grass something magical.

The light from above is casting an unearthly green luminescence over the ground between the trees. I realize that nature has already planted the garden for me, so I take my basket to gather edibles in the wooded acres, foraging a wide range of wild survival foods such as nuts, roots, shoots, and greens…searching for wild food and medicine from the earth. The smell of organic matter inside my nose brings the deep earth connection into my soul. It is a reminder of the ancient and primal discovery of tasty spring flowers and shoots, medicinal herbs and plants. I choose to lean into the slower and more intuitive ebb and flow of  the rhythm of nature.

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