Angela Morris is a talented spoken word artist who contributes to New Earth Almanac. As Libra season comes to a close (and as a Libra herself!) enjoy listening to a few of Angela's tracks that are among our favorites:

Journal prompts and suggested contemplations:Censorship from mainstream and social media, suppressed information from industry, gaslighting and cancel culture are rampant in our society. School systems have reinforced self-censorship, for many of us starting at a young age with teachings such as, “d…
I Wish My Words Came Out Right
Welcoming Home Co-Creators of the New Earth
I Let My Wild Out
Journal prompts and suggested contemplations: Why do you believe what you believe? Start with one topic and really examine internally if you truly have the belief or if it was placed upon you by society in some way. Often this presents as internal conflict that can be alchemized once addressed.

Angela Morris is a Harmony Catalyst, Conscious Truther, Energy Worker and Spoken Word Artist. She has a passion for helping people shift into a life more authentic, aligned and divinely sovereign. Find her on YouTube, Instagram @theangelamorris or email her at [email protected].