As we head into the holidays, for many who have lost loved ones, this can be a bittersweet time. So many have lost those near and dear to them recently as we're seeing what feels like a mass exodus from this planet. While we all know it's a part of our journey on and off this planet, it leaves so many of us feeling lonely, missing our parents and other family members, friends, spouses, in-laws, and so many others who make indelible marks on our hearts.

That chair in the living room where Nana used to sit, the spot on the couch where Dad would watch football on Sunday, that empty bed where Mom would sleep when she came to visit...their laughter, their jokes, and those hugs. Ohhhh those hugs. We can pretend we don't miss them much all year, but when what's left of the dwindling family gets together for Thanksgiving and Christmas, it's like an elephant in the room.

As a Medium, you'd think I would never be sad about these things, but I seriously don't do well when someone dies. At all. It's just my “inner child” struggling with the need to hold onto everyone I love so tightly. I recognize this and have done a ton of work on it, but I still don't do loss very elegantly (LOL!).

But I do know, and no one can convince me otherwise, that life goes on beyond the physical we embody on this planet. Our loved ones are so close and always there to offer us comfort and guidance when we need it most. We've all had experiences that we knew were messages, and if you ask anyone, they'll tell you all about it. In many of my sessions, loved ones come through and describe exactly how they are communicating with their family. From gentle touches to literally opening and closing garage doors!! The dead are not silent. And guess what? They still love us big time.

So how can you spend more time with those on the other side? Well, obviously seeing a Medium is a great way to make a direct connection. But there are other ways too! My friend Judy, an awesome sound healer, taught me a wonderful way to feel the connection with those in spirit. And I often share it with clients. She says, simply invite them to spend the day with you! It makes so much sense, doesn't it? I'm all about cosmic common sense, so I thought I'd try it. I decided to spend some time with my Mom—so when I woke up, I invited her to join me for breakfast. I made our favorite...toast and tea...and while I sat at the table, I visualized her sitting with me, or clanking pots and pans around in the kitchen like when I was a kid. I let her spirit move about as she wanted to and asked her to share her own memories with me. One popped into my head I hadn't thought of in nearly 50 years. When I went off to work, I invited her to join me, and I even stopped at one of her favorite little stores along the way. I could feel her energy and hear her laughing with me as I breezed through the tiny aisles quickly. When we would go shopping when she was here, I would tease her because she shopped soooooo slowly. I could go through the whole store before she even left the first aisle. Virgos. Bogged down in every detail (LOL!!!). After a while, it took less effort to feel her around me, and we breezed through the day together. It was one of the most profound experiences I've had since she left this planet. Since then I've done this with so many relatives and friends who have crossed!

So instead of staring at this giant elephant in the room, invite the ones you miss dearly to hang out with you! Bring their memories and energy into your holiday gatherings. Set a place at the table for them, or sit in their chair and feel their energy surround you. Eat food you shared together, go shopping with them! And invite them into your dreams at night. They'll come! Even if you had a strained or unusual relationship with someone you loved so much, they have changed...they love us unconditionally now. Allow yourself to receive that love deep in your heart.

Suzie Kerr Wright is an Astrologer, Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Spiritual Life Coach and the recipient of a 2020 Lightwork Award. Visit and follow her on Facebook @Suzie Kerr Wright and on Instagram @astrogirl12.musiccitymedium.

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