From Jessica Johnson's article yesterday on Gaslighting, we now pass the talking stick to Kirem Marnett, an intuitive channel who reads Soul Signs. Today she shares from her experience in reading narcissistic traits and how we can observe and heal using cues from the supernatural and natural worlds.

According to the Mayo Clinic:

"Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental health condition in which people have an unreasonably high sense of their own importance. They need and seek too much attention and want people to admire them. People with this disorder may lack the ability to understand or care about the feelings of others. But behind this mask of extreme confidence, they are not sure of their self-worth and are easily upset by the slightest criticism ... People with narcissistic personality disorder may be generally unhappy and disappointed when they're not given the special favors or admiration that they believe they deserve. They may find their relationships troubled and unfulfilling, and other people may not enjoy being around them."

Below are three Soul Signs that have shadow aspects of narcissistic personalities. Remember as a shadow aspect, it doesn't mean every time nor in every one do these signs represent narcissists across the board. Rather look to these particular signs as sources of insight on what might cause narcissism to develop if left to grow in an unsupportive, uncaring environment. From the perspective of Soul Sign Wisdom, we can through legends and the animal world, observe and perceive nuances to this behavior as well as ways we may be inspired to increase our compassion for those who display it. Seeing the characteristics and personalities of this disorder mirrored through different signs gives us insight as well as an opportunity for healing through understanding, awareness, empathy and love.


Unicorn shows up when we're working on self-belief. In it's shadow, Unicorn's narcissistic tendency manifests as a struggle between self-belief and the need for others to believe in them first. It's only human to think that it's easier for others to believe in us than it is for us to believe in ourselves. Many times Unicorn reflects someone or appears when one is made aware of gifts, talents or traits they have that are worthy of expansion and exposure. It's a magical time in a Unicorn's life because this often coincides with receiving a clear vision of their life purpose. Depending on one's spiritual maturity, the ability to navigate this transformative time will be revealed. A Unicorn in balance will handle their gifts with humility and grace, and find warranted success on the world stage. An undeveloped, ego-driven Unicorn will immediately use their talent to dominate others or show off. Shadow Unicorn's version of narcissism involves having a superior opinion of themself and thinking they are especially precious. Typically Unicorn has to face issues around their selfishness and increased inability to show empathy to others. Oftentimes Unicorns must learn the lesson around "it takes a village" – meaning that even if we possess talent or skill, oftentimes it has been our environment, upbringing, patient teachers and others who have helped coax the talent out of us. As a result, relationship lessons will also show up, such as in the form of losing friends or colleagues, important allies, or business connections, that may have been part of the circle that contributed to the honing of their talent in the first place and would have helped them succeed further on their path in the long run.


The Jellyfish is the epitome of ethereality, dreaming and dancing their way through life. In the wild, they are directed by the tides; the environment governs their survival. As ancient as this lifeform is, Jellyfish embody this vulnerability with the wisdom gleaned from thousands of years floating through the waters of our planet—with beauty, grace, and an incomparable flexibility that demonstrates the deepest knowledge of how to “let go and let God.” Depending on their level of self-development, the ups and downs of life can either significantly bother or not seem to affect Jellyfish folks at all. Regardless of where they are on their journey, Jellyfish types possess the potential to become the world’s true masters of non-attachment.

For some, this can manifest first, or in youth, as a very self-centered focus. In their darkest shadow, Jellyfish can also be one of the animal kingdom’s most narcissistic signs. One of the keys to balancing this is honoring the Jellyfish’s need to be seen. Being as fine and delicate as they are, there is a deep-rooted fear that they or their gifts are invisible or don’t matter, so the need for attention can be very firmly rooted in this worry. It is vital for those in close relationships with Jellyfish people to consciously reinforce their “beingness,” whatever that may be, and to compassionately SEE them for being fully embodied, in spite of their delicate, sensitive selves. An easy way to do that is to tell them: “I am thankful you are here.” Wait and see how that speaks to a Jellyfish’s soul; you may be touched and surprised at the power of healing your own words contain. We must remember that every soul has chosen this human experience, and for some, the levels of density on Earth are extremely challenging for certain types to adjust to. For Jellyfish, acclimation could take a lifetime, and potentially never at all. (For more about Jellyfish read my complete article from the Spring 2023 print edition here.)


Strutting their stuff, the peacock was built for show! In their highest light Peacocks epitomize artistry and elegance in overcoming life's challenges, especially being underestimated by others. In their shadow, Peacocks represent the narcissistic quality of masking feelings of inadequacy and the shame and fear of being exposed for one's shortcomings. Peacock's greatest fear is failure and being found out. Parading around with richly colored and plentiful plumes, we are mesmerized by the show Peacock provides, and it hopes we won't notice an important fact—its narcissistic side wishes to distract us from the truth: it cannot fly. Peacock reflects the mirror of temptation in human nature to engage in overcompensation whenever we feel inadequate. Without an environment or close relationships to build up and support self-esteem, Peacock represents the struggle for self-worth if or when we fall short of desired self-definition. Shadow Peacock is the poster child for overcompensation. The lengths to which a Peacock may be willing to go to in order to avoid and run away from its fear of failure can be legendary, only equal to the depths it may be willing to sink in order to gain power, prestige and recognition to offset its inability to "fly" in life. Narcissistic behavior such as becoming upset when they don't receive special treatment or recognition, feeling easily slighted, and reacting with rage or contempt in order to feel superior, can all be displayed by the Peacock in it's darkest shadow. Sadly, places such as social media and politics are perfect venues to encourage the shadow side of Peacock to proliferate which we can find fully fanned out on display anytime of day. (For more on Peacock, see my reading of President Joe Biden, here.)

Being human, we are all susceptible to expressing a narcissistic trait at one point or another in life. But for those who struggle with it as a long term personality disorder, narcissism's insidious insistence on the "ego knows best" point of view can take a lifetime to overcome. Committing to a spiritual path and accepting the position of the Creator as higher than oneself is a clear way out for anyone under the narcissist's shadow.

New Earth Almanac's editorial director, Kirem Marnett, also channels Soul Signs. Assisting people on their journey to self-discovery, she helps uncover our truest nature by revealing unique connections to the wild Earth. She is available for personal and group readings via email and Zoom. Want to find out your own Soul Signs? Contact her at [email protected] for more information and to schedule.

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