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Happy Easter! In the spirit of today, we’re sharing Soul Sign Wisdom to help guide the collective further along humanity’s path of Ascension! Depending on where we each are on our life’s journey, we may find ourselves in any one of the seven realms of the Soul Sign Kingdom (see Kirem’s primer article here, “The Seven Realms”). While our personal Soul Sign Couplets provide insight on the individual lessons we are each working on within our life paths, the following are the Soul Animal Signs, channeled by Kirem as the most helpful supporters and guides for the current phase of Ascension happening on the planet right now. Seek them out within and around you!

Primordial: Stone People

The Stone People are those who have been observing humanity for a very long time. They come from otherworldly places, but are firmly rooted on Earth. Much of their wisdom is “ahead of their time”, but the good news is that their time is now. In a noisy world, Stone People bring a heavyweight presence of deep spiritual knowledge. Their most impactful way of teaching, leading and guiding is through their natural gift of embodying “listen more, speak less”. For the keen observer in all of us, it is in the ways they DON'T speak that their most effective teaching takes place. This is the path of the Sacred Way-shower. We may all start out in the Primordial realm as single celled organisms, but the greatest wisdom comes from those who are deeply connected to Source, and sometimes that is through simplicity and their bone-level familiarity with Mother Earth. Bone wisdom or Stone Wisdom is at the level of instinct, the feeling of just “knowing” something is true, even if it doesn’t fit in with anything we’ve known or heard about ourselves or our own planet. As much more begins to be revealed about these Truths in the remaining decade, Stone People will find that they have had the tools, knowledge and wisdom all along to lead and guide humanity through this portal of transformation. Be ready for many more Stone People to activate and emerge!

Additional Guide: Plankton (see article on these original Starseeds, here.)

Water: Rays

Any kind of ocean ray represents a reincarnated Bird soul who has volunteered on their own ascension journey, to come back from the Air or intellectual realm to assist those in the emotional realm of Water with their process of ascension. This “repetition” of the Water element for Ray souls can represent either great patience or learning to develop it within this lifetime. With their outstretched wings, Rays teach us how to “rise above” and “glide” through the choppy emotional waters of the human psyche. Their greatest teachings are around separating from the trappings of the human ego. Sting Rays have a sharper tongue, but their lessons when aligned with Truth can be some of the most long-lasting and change inducing. Manta Rays find that they are responsible for shouldering immense emotional burdens for groups or families. They have the capacity to handle and transmute large amounts of emotional information and energy. Rays make excellent therapists or you will find they naturally play the therapist role in whatever situation they are called to.

Additional Guide: Nurse Shark (See Russell Brand’s Warrior Soul Animal Wisdom, here.)

Amphibious: Dragonfly

Starting their lives in the Water realm, many dragonflies have mastered valuable lessons early on in life regarding the emotional plane. They may have had brief childhoods in which circumstances called them up to adulthood much earlier than most. Those who emerge as masters from these early lessons, retain a magical sense of optimism, creativity and excitement about the world long into their physical adult years. They’re blessed with the gift of retaining the “rainbow vision” of a child — where there are no limits to the imagination. As teachers and guides, their greatest gift is multi-dimensional vision. They can see the potential in and for everyone. If you’re seeking inspiration as well as leadership for your own transformation, turn to a Dragonfly to help remind you why you are here, where you/we are going, and how to get there. All amphibious types have immense gifts that come from their abilities to straddle multiple realms at once. Dragonflies in particular know how to dance between creativity, emotions, inspiration, intellect and the material plane. Dragonflies are also an eternal symbol of transformation.

Additional Guide: Bullfrog (Learn more in my article, “Soul Animals of Longevity”.

Earth: Tortoise

The tortoise teaches us that slowing down is the best medicine and they gently remind those around them that when we do, we realize we already have everything we need. Tortoise teachers are those old-soul types who live alternative lifestyles of the simpler variety and tend to hang out in places the rest of us all have to make plans to retreat to. If more of us embraced Tortoise guidance, we would find we really don’t need to “seek” anything at all in regards to our own ascension. It’s really more about recognizing our place in the world and how that compliments our own unique gifts. We don’t have to look at limitations as something we’re meant to overcome—or pay someone to help us to do so—rather that making our own form of Great Acceptance within ourselves can be all the medicine we ever seek (for more see my article, “We Are the Medicine”). After all, the Tortoise did not blame itself for being “incompatible” in its race with the Hare, rather it succeeded by fully embracing and embodying its whole self—slow timing and all—and it ultimately “won” the race.

Additional Guide: Elephant (read more in both “Soul Animals of Longevity” and “Warrior Soul Animals”).

Air: Rose

Yes, the Rose technically grows from the soil, but its manifestation and power can be found hovering above the Earth plane through its intoxicating scent! Rose teachers are sacred Way-showers of the Divine Feminine, bringing forth, templating and teaching an entirely new way of living, prospering and being on planet Earth. Through their divine design as communicators of sacred geometry, they radiate out in the world in their own unique way that serves to inspire and influence those around them. While technology can sometimes be a blessing or a curse, the timing we’re in now blesses those with Rose wisdom because simply  by embodying their own unique beingness—and using platforms such as social media to “teach” this new beingness—they can influence and inspire humanity in ways we were not able to before. We have much to heal in regards to technology but the more Roses choose to show up, bloom and teach from their respective gardens, we can transform this medium into something truly revolutionary on the planet. The Rose serves as the Ascension Guide for the Air realm, also reminding those who typically inhabit these areas—Birds, Bees and Insects—that it’s time to let go of some of the more inhibiting aspects of Ego/Mind and embrace the beauty of beingness that comes not from thought, but emanates naturally from Soul.

Additional Guide: Ostrich (for more on overcoming ego, check out Ricky Gervais’, Soul Animal Couplet — see “Warrior Soul Animals”)

Mythical: Dragon

Dragons activate the throat chakra by bringing out our deepest held Truths. The Dragon is a symbol of Fire in action—and that comes from pure, honest, real and sometimes raw self-expression. Dragon teachers will not usually make you feel very comfortable—as Dragon medicine is anything but. You will be put through tests of fire and brimstone, but come outthe other side stronger, wiser and fundamentally transformed. One doesn’t seek out a Dragon, as they only exist in the mythical plane—your Dragon finds you. If you’re ready to ride with this medicine for your next phase of ascension, Dragon medicine says you better “show up”. Showing up is proving you’re ready by facing those long-standing fears you’ve let stand in your way. Once you do, that’s all that’s needed for true Dragon teachers, guides and mythical/miracle-level assistance to show up for you on your path. For those in the Mythical realm, the comfort of “invisibility” when one wants it may soon be coming to an end— Dragon coaxes us to live and speak our truth, and for many in this realm, it’s time to live by and stand up for the values we came here to define and defend—thereby inspiring others to do the same.

Additional Guide: Phoenix (see “Make Today a Mandela Day” and “Warrior Soul Animals" for more)

Symbolic: Coral Reef

This particular Symbolic Sign represents the virtue of Community at its core. Symbolics are here to represent the highest form of everything humankind endeavors to create. Coral Reefs are essentially an example of an organic economy that exists to mutually support every organism. Being embedded in the Water realm, this form of Economy and Community expands from a center of Co-Creativity. With its biodiversity and extremely colorful inhabitants, this is a group that stands powerfully in its self-expression. Individuation certainly exists, but in a Collective, the colors interconnect as a unified masterpiece. The key Coral Reef shares is that through Co-Creation our biggest promise is held via our ability to come together, cooperate and work together to build a society beyond our wildest dreams. This will require the contributions of all New Earth visionaries, artists, healers, dreamers and builders working together to make it all possible.

Additional Guide: Cosmic Egg (Check out my Soul Animals & the Stars reading for India Arie.)

Whether these signs serve as medicine you could use alone, or represent a friend, healer, teacher or mentor in your life, we can all seek to embody these qualities to help each of us rise up in our elements and express our own unique frequencies, light and gifts. By doing so, we overcome limitation and create the template for limitlessness… becoming the wave of change we wish to see in the world!

Kirem Marnett channels Soul Animal Wisdom. Assisting people on their journey to self-discovery, she helps uncover their truest nature by revealing unique connections to the wild Earth. Kirem offers 5D workshops featuring live group readings with other New Earth co-creators via the New Earth Nashville Meetup Group (reduced admission for Almanac subscribers!). She is also available for personal and group private readings via Zoom. Visit peachandcrane.com to schedule.

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