Review the Soul Sign Couplet for this famous Starseed’s soul path and persona--comparing first the signs Kirem originally read in September 2021 vs. today.

Keanu’s personification of the modern day Argonaut, Neo, described in the 1999 film The Matrix sealed his legacy as a hero and way-shower for the consciously-minded. In the 20 years since the film’s release, he’s inspired legions of fans. More recently he's been identified in public interactions to be extremely down-to-earth, humble and generous--in stark contrast to the typical Hollywood celebrity.

Here is the original reading:

Soul: DNA, Orion

DNA is both Symbolic and Primordial—as it represents the Code of Life. DNA is like the last email sent out from a dying planet to ensure the human race would live on. Held within it is both all of our history and all of our limitless potential compressed in a tight, enigmatic bundle. Which side will win out? The inevitability of our past fates? Or the promise of our birthrights? Those who announce themselves psychically via DNA have come to Earth as “new” old souls and prophets. I see them at times as Ascended Masters transitioning back into a new human life-cycle to begin the hero’s journey again. Many times they are greatly positioned to repeat ascension. It doesn’t surprise me to see DNA show up for Keanu as he already has served in a prophetic role as Neo in the Matrix films. As a Starseed, Keanu is a holder of deep DNA codes. Orion is considered the Godfather of hunting. He was legendary in Ancient Greece and even featured in Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey. This Mythical, legendary quality is befitting to Keanu because once again, Keanu has risen to status on the big screen, this last century’s “Temple of the Gods”.

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