*Note to readers/viewers: In her ever-evolving intuitive practice, Kirem has updated the name of her work from Soul Animals to Soul Signs, which more accurately reflects the breadth of the channeled images and energies she receives. You can still find all of her Soul Animal Wisdom articles and recordings under the #soulanimalwisdom hashtag, but note that a new one has been added for #soulsigns that will continue to carry this and future Almanac entries on the subject. You can also find all episodes of Marci and Kirem's show under its new name, Soul Signs & the Stars Show.

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Soul Animal Wisdom today featuring the ultimate duo—SNOOP DOGG & MARTHA STEWART!

In our seventh episode of Soul Animals & the Stars, Marci and Kirem dive in to investigate, read and discuss together the Soul Animal couplets of American rapper and songwriter, media personality, actor and business man, Snoop Dogg, as well as business woman, writer, television personality, and owner of her own empire, Martha Stewart! One of the best things about this duo is that they are a beautiful example of UNEXPECTED FRIENDSHIP! And we find it delightful! Hint- Snoop Dogg is actually a very detail oriented guy, and he totally appreciates that in Martha Stewart. And Martha can see that true appreciation from Snoop and she just loves the sunlight and humor and attention to detail he brings to the table, they just fuel each other’s fire!

How does this high profile celebrity duo apply to the New Earth? Their unexpected friendship is something everyone can learn from! They each have certain qualities that attract the other one despite their obvious differences. And they each are aware of and appreciate their differences, knowing that they can learn a lot from each other. This is high level friendship stuff. Very inspirational to all of us to never write someone off before we get to know them! We can all learn a lot from each other!

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Did you know? Snoop Dogg will be taking the stage this weekend with Dr. Dre, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Mary J. Bilge at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Snoop Dogg calls performing at the Super Bowl in his home state a “dream come true.”
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Join the co-founders of the New Earth Almanac as we bring the Light to new spaces! Ever wonder what your Soul Animal is? What it means as far as who you are and how it affects your decisions and actions? Watch as Kirem Marnett channels the Soul Animals for people we all may know—from famous personalities to heroes, influencers and change agents, modern and past. With Marci Lingelbach intutively selecting each subject and providing keen background info, Kirem brings through the Soul Animal messages, their interpretations, and significance for them and the collective. Tune in and find out—maybe YOU share a Soul Animal with someone we feature and can relate to? This is a fun and fascinating way for all of us to learn about ourselves, each other, and the magic of Soul Animal Wisdom!

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