*Note to readers/viewers: In her ever-evolving intuitive practice, Kirem has updated the name of her work from Soul Animals to Soul Signs, which more accurately reflects the breadth of the channeled images and energies she receives. You can still find all of her Soul Animal Wisdom articles and recordings under the #soulanimalwisdom hashtag, but note that a new one has been added for #soulsigns that will continue to carry this and future Almanac entries on the subject. You can also find all episodes of Marci and Kirem's show under its new name, Soul Signs & the Stars Show.

In their new video series, Soul Animals & the Stars, Almanac Co-founders Marci Lingelbach and Kirem Marnett share and discuss the magic of Soul Animal Wisdom. The video below provides an intro to the channeled world of Kirem’s Soul Animal insights. After watching, read on to learn more about the seven distinct realms that serve as a new, enlightened taxonomy for our relationships with creatures great, small, mythical and symbolic informing the New Earth consciousness.

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