Co-hosted by new Almanac contributing writer, Andrea Mai and Almanac co-founder, Kirem Marnett, come experience a group reading via Zoom just for New Earth Warriors! In the March issue of New Earth Almanac (to be released on New Moon 3/2!), we dive into the topic of "warriorship" -- come join in this one-of-a-kind experience bridging the Almanac, Soul Animal Wisdom and awakened community.

Curious to find out what your Soul Animal is? Kirem Marnett is an experienced intuitive who has channeled a unique system called Soul Animal Wisdom for the past 10 years. In this intimate and life-affirming group reading experience, find out not just one but the two signs that make up your own unique Soul Animal couplet. This special couplet provides insight on the balance of both your soul and personality, which when combined and acted upon, can help inspire you to shine your Light in new and expansive ways! (For those who have had a reading with Kirem recently or before, you're invited to participate and ask for "follow up" guidance to help you further along your path!)

Similar to a gallery reading, in this Zoom call six participants will receive an open Soul Animal Wisdom reading from Kirem. However unlike a public gallery reading, each participant is guaranteed to receive Soul Animal Wisdom just for them. There will be time for a brief intro and questions following the group reading, and as time allows, the session will be wrapped up with a final message channeled just for the New Earth Warriors gathered for this call!

Cost: $33 per person; New Earth Almanac subscribers: $22 (Save $11!)
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Limit: 6 participants -- there are 4 spots left.

How to reserve your spot

Register by joining the New Earth Nashville Meetup (it's free!) and RSVP for the event:

Soul Animal Wisdom Group Reading via Zoom: Warrior Edition | Meetup
Thu, Mar 3, 7:00 PM CST: Come experience a virtual group reading just for New Earth Warriors! In the March issue of *[New Earth Almanac](*, we dive into the topic of “warrio

Venmo the appropriate amount to @kiremmarnett in order to hold your space. Space is limited to 6 participants. The Zoom link will be provided to confirmed participants the day of the reading.

About Soul Animal Wisdom

This ancient mother tongue speaks across all cultures, using familiar metaphors of the flora and fauna of our planet to divine our primal connection to the wild Earth and identify our individual gifts. By extracting and exploring the animal, plant or mythical and symbolic facets of ourselves, we can fully integrate them in ways that guide us toward a true north of understanding and empowerment. Those who accept the responsibility to awaken and balance these guiding totems can more fully appreciate their particular talents and interests, better understand their relationships and temperament, and align themselves with the highest intentions of whole-earth wisdom.

About Kirem Marnett

A third-generation healer, Kirem specializes in channeling Soul Animal Wisdom, a gift (and responsibility) that helps uncover our truest natures by revealing unique connections to the wild Earth. In her various roles serving the collective, Kirem fuses her intuitive gifts, practical know-how, training and knowledge from ancient, spiritual healing traditions (including Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui, Kundalini Yoga, Mantra, Meditation, Qi Gong, Reiki and Shamanism) with the intention to forge a new way forward based on a more holistic and conscious form of leadership aligned with Nature and Truth. Kirem’s magic lies in combining all aspects of her work with her signature supportive style, breaking down the complexities of channeled wisdom, ancient and esoteric traditions into highly potent, practical and actionable insight that inspires change, transformation and healing. Kirem’s web site is

What previous attendees have shared:

"What a beautiful gift Kirem is to this epic time on this sacred planet. Thank you for Being!"
"Kirem's reading gave me insight and clarity into myself in order to realize and develop those traits more fully. A big takeaway for me was Awareness. This was also my first time attending a New Earth Nashville Meetup event and even though I'm not local (based on the West Coast), I found the group kind and open. And I loved that myself and my friend (in the Middle East) could be a part of the group from different parts of the world."

Want to see some Soul Animal reading in action? Check out Kirem and Almanac co-founder Marci Lingelbach's show, Soul Animals & the Stars -- we just released our episodes on Queen Elizabeth II and Snoop Dogg & Martha Stewart (they're free to access!):

Soul Animals & the Stars Show - New Earth Almanac
The New Earth Almanac is a daily devotional for evolutionary souls that supports the collective co-creators building the world we wish to live in.

For subscribers, learn more about Soul Animal Wisdom in this primer article written by Kirem, "The Seven Realms":

The Seven Realms
In their new video series, Soul Animals & the Stars, Almanac Co-founders Marci Lingelbach and Kirem Marnett share and discuss the magic of Soul Animal Wisdom. The video below provides an intro to the channeled world of Kirem’s Soul Animal insights. After watching, read on to learn more about

About Co-Host Andrea Mai

Andrea Mai is a Metamorphosis Adventure Guide. She brings her sacred and playful voice into her many books as well as to the multiple ways she works with clients and students. Writing/publishing coach, energy healer, mystic, and meditation teacher. She hosts workshops, retreats (coming soon: Blisscamp!), and works with clients for private Transformation sessions. It's been said she brings freedom and liberation to clients through her calm and inquisitive approach. She wishes there was a jazzier word than facilitator, but alas, this is the word that best explains her approach to holding space for you to remember who you are. Piemaker, puddle stomper, pondered, poet, ukulele plucker, song-maker-upper.

On 3/19, she is hosting an online workshop called Quantum Emotion Alchemy. To learn more and register, go to:

About New Earth Nashville

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