It's National Smile Day! Started by two Illinois dentists, National Smile Day falls every May 31st to encourage all to “share with the world what the power of a healthy smile can do!” Below hear more about this superpower from Rachel Benton, NEA's newest contributor and owner of Floatation Therapy studio Float Nashville, in an excerpt from her article, "Getting in Touch With the Body You Didn't Know You Had" coming up in our NEW Summer issue (pre-orders available soon!).

There is a supernatural awareness that happens during the deprivation of our human senses. In the losing of our primary five sense reality, there is an awaking of an internal sensory system that colors our life experience and brings a magical depth to the mundane. The world of Floatation Therapy has perfected an environment that allows our body to be held in such a way that we can lose sense of the physical body in order expand our reality beyond what we know is possible.

There has been a playful curiosity that has emerged for me that delivers little golden nuggets of wisdom to embody after I leave this safe bubble of peace. One of my favorite messages came during the phase of the float, after I had transcended my external body and my awareness was turning inward. My knowing said, “smile.” The urge washed over my being and my lips slipped apart as a smile erupted on my face. All I could feel was a tingling, euphoric sensation that started at the base of my skull and rushed to the core of my belly. When the smile dissipated so did the feeling. The sensation left me curious, my intuition said, “smile again.” So I did, and the same rush occurred. This rhythmic dance went on a few rounds, and then my intuition said, “you see, it is not the outward environment that makes you feel the feeling of joy and happiness, but the act of smiling. You hold WITHIN YOU all that you need to receive joyfulness and happiness. All you must do is SMILE!”

To this day I carry that message with me, and when I am craving joy and find myself working to achieve it, I then remember to simply smile. Outside of the weightless environment of the floatation tank the internal body experience is not as prevalent, but the memory of the euphoric float smile has stayed with me creating a new wholeness in each smile that I intentionally bring to everyday.

So today, I invite you to smile and witness how the simple act changes your day!

Rachel Benton is the owner of Float Nashville, Nashville’s first Floatation Therapy spa that has been providing Nashville with healing for the past decade. Use the code NEA20 to save $20 off your next float when booking at To learn more about Floatation Therapy, follow @FloatNashville on Instagram.

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