Gifts can take many forms. For those co-creating the New Earth, nothing is more needed than to be informed, inspired, nurtured and supported while assisting to carry the Light during these difficult times. To support yourself and your tribe, here’s a list of links to great gifts: books, literature, art, specialty crafts, and healing services for stocking stuffers and simply spreading the Love with, or treating yourself to, this holiday season…all brought to you by our talented 2022 New Earth Almanac contributor circle.


Michael Garber: Book Collection

William Henry: "Mary Magdalene: The Illuminator: The Woman Who Enlightened Christ"

Andrea Mai, Audiobook: "Calm Your Mind & Get Your Life Back: Simple Practices to End the Loops of Anxiety"

"New Earth Almanac" 2022 Winter Spiritual Journal print copies

"New Earth Almanac" Annual Membership Gift Subscription

Oliver Vilwock: "You, Unleashed"

Geoffrey Visgilio: "Falling into Grace"


Earth-Fire Botanicals (Email [email protected] for product info and pricing)

Infinite Self Love: Light Language Jewelry

Michelle O’Connell Katz Paintings

Robin Haley Jewelry

Sacred Ancestor Spirit Dolls

Teresa Moralez | Art & Poetry


Andréa Renee Banfield | Life In Wholeness

Janet Howard | Rosehip 26 | Spiritual Intuitive Healing & Kundalini Yoga

Jessica Johnson | Psychic Medium

Sonia Fernández LeBlanc | Tarot, Human Design

Jennifer O'Conghalaigh | Celtic Rose Priestess

Tara Kimes | Readings & Rituals

Marci Lingelbach | Crystal Reiki

Kirem Marnett | Soul Sign Readings

Angela Morris | Feng Shui, Psych-K, Shadow Work

Karen Renée Robb | Sound Healing Services and Supplies

Julie Starr | Astrology, Tarot

Birdie Todd | Reiki, Massage Therapy (DM to schedule)