In the current planetary energies...

  • Today, Chiron is the closest it will be to Earth all year
  • Tomorrow Pluto moves direct after a five month retrograde period
  • Sunday is the Full Hunter's Moon in Aries

The cosmic "weather" we're having is intense and may lead many of us to feel highly emotional the next few days! To help, consider shaking it off to let things go! The following quote is from Lori Bradford Miles' article, "The Mysticism of Shaking" which appeared in our September 2021 issue:

"Human beings can learn from the animal kingdom and shake off excess or stagnant energy. Both humans and animals experience the fight-or-flight response—this occurs as a flood of transmitters through the nervous system causing shaking known as neurogenic tremors. Animals naturally shake to release tension after a life-threatening event. The reason being that wild animals and domesticated animals know how to dissipate energies deliberately. They simply shake it off and get back to living in the moment."  – Lori Bradford Miles

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