Whew! The eclipses brought a lot to the surface and to light! For those taking brave new steps toward your higher selves, here are some articles in our collection to help you navigate your Shadow Work today.

Be Your Own Dark KNIGHT of the Soul
As of this writing, the Collective has been witnessing a shared “dark night of the soul” for almost two years, possibly longer.
False Light
The false light can be a triggering subject. As such, I invite you to explore this topic with openness and curiosity to find out what the false light means to you and how it may be showing up in your life. The dictionary describes false light as an untrue or
Stop Being Jealous: Get Up the Gall Instead
Some suggest the saying “green with envy” dates back to Ancient Greece where legends described jealousy as a green-eyed monster. The Greeks also believed envy occurred as a result of the overproduction of bile, which gave the skin a greenish tint. These may not just be the stuff of legends
Truth Telling
If a white tiger is still a tiger... a white lie, is still a lie.