I first got introduced to Sacred Oracle Decks in 2004. After being interested and studying metaphysics for some time, I attended a weekend gathering at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY called Connecting with the Spirit World. It was hosted by Doreen Virtue, known in those days as the “Angel Lady”. It changed the trajectory of my life completely! She taught us about angels, our spirit guides, energy, vibration and the power of our words, thoughts and intentions. I went back again in 2005 where she co-hosted with her then husband, Shaman Steven Farmer and my journey deepened and intensified. As I browsed through the quaint little bookstore in 2004, I was compelled to purchase my first Oracle Deck, created by Doreen Virtue and called Messages from the Angels. I was mesmerized by the accuracy and the poignancy of the messages coming through. This began an 18 year journey of collecting and working with different Oracle Decks. Last count I was up near 80 different decks!

What is very interesting is that, with some decks I receive, I will look through them, maybe use them a few times and put them on the shelf. Other decks grip me and resonate so deeply!

For me, it's not just the information and artwork on the cards that resonates with me. Being a textile designer and artist, it is also the weight, quality and texture of the packaging and card stock that is instrumental in determining my experience of connecting with the deck. It was a bit of a push but I have managed to narrow down my very favorite decks to seven (being my favorite and very sacred number) for this article. They are like my children and it was hard to pick out my very favorites. I’ve included the date I bought them also to give you an idea of my chronological journey. Gratitude to the creators of these decks—they have brought me immense clarity, comfort, inspiration and motivation over the years in times where all of these were needed. They are not in order of preference because I love them all (although If I had to pick just one I will tell you which one it is later):

1 - Sacred Rebels Oracle by Alana Fairchild. Artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison. Being a bit of a rebel myself, this deck has resonated SO deeply with me! It was gifted to me by a dear friend in 2016. The cards and guidebook are larger than the traditional size, are of high quality and the wisdom in here is SPOT ON! The explanation and offerings in the guidebook are the most extensive and detailed I have seen with a relevant and most deeply healing ritual offered at the end. The artwork is incredibly detailed, otherworldly and breathtakingly exquisite! If you possess that Rebel spirit in so many of us New Earthers this is a MUST HAVE! It is one of the 4 decks I take with me when I travel.

2 - The Druid Animal Oracle Deck by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm. Illustrated by Bill Worthington. When I discovered there was a Druid deck, it was a must have and it did not disappoint! Again the cards are slightly larger than traditional Oracle cards and their texture is matte and warm to the touch. There are 33 cards instead of the usual 44. I bought this deck around 2014. I love the potency of the messages and it provides the Celtic pronunciation of the Animal totems. The artwork is a little more muted and evokes a retro and comforting storybook feeling. This deck has deepened my connection with my animal spirit guides and it has a sense of homecoming for me.

3 - Dragon Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper. Artwork by Carla Lee Morrow.

I have been so drawn to the Dragons for the past couple of years. They have resonated with me deeply and I feel their energy at this time on a planet where so much is in need of clearing and burning away. They are also so instrumental in assisting us in paving our journeys into the New Earth. This deck is the traditional size using heavy and substantial card stock. The artwork is bold as you may imagine depicting these majestic beings. The wisdom for me has been incredibly accurate and I am so enjoying deepening my journey and connection with these incredible beings of light. This deck comes with me when I travel.

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