Retrogrades, especially Mercury's that we're currently in until mid-September, always bring up opportunities to review relationships. A theme we've observed many in the New Earth tribe exploring the past few weeks is in regards to boundaries. (Note that Mercury's Pre-Shadow period is a time where the topics that might be brought up for healing and review during the upcoming retrograde period tend to be foreshadowed at this time. Learn more about this phase in my previous article here.)

Boundary formation and enforcement can be tough on sensitive souls, due to the fear of saying “No”--which usually entails the aversion to causing hurt and pain in another, even if it’s for the ultimate benefit of both. (For more on embracing the power of the "Sacred No," check out my article from 2021.)

Today I’m sharing a journaling exercise that harnesses the supportive Virgo Sun's gift of discernment and offers a way to set boundaries that will simply help avoid all of the trouble that the fear of hurting another can get us into:

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