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Let’s look at 1:49 through the lens of numerology, from the bigger to smaller picture progressing from left to right.

On the bigger picture, One is inclusive of paying attention to thoughts and how attachment to thoughts and beliefs creates reoccurring outcomes. The number One is also about new beginnings and taking charge of your birthright for peace and to experience that inner peace and support available. The opportunity offered by One is to take charge of attachment — and believe in the thoughts that support you being in peace and what you want more of.

Four is all about universal Angelic Support. When it shows up, you are being reminded that the angels and universal wisdom are supporting you in everything going on around you and your prayers and intentions are being heard.

Nine in the right position is that all of the details of your “life purpose” and how you are serving and called to serve in the world are being watched over and protected. It is safe to let go now of what no longer serves you in ways that create peace. Nothing can be taken away that is rightfully yours, and you are worthy to allow endings to happen.

Cycle of Life: infinite potential ideas and intelligence at work. Birth into the physical happens. Life happens as day-to-day experiences of maturity and learning. Ideas, processes, and forms have their natural cycles and times of endings, death, and transformation into something new.

The sequence adds up to Five, which is about physical/human changes occurring all around you that will help you grow in some new and expansive ways.

Michael Lott, based in Knoxville, TN, is a life, spiritual, and energetic awareness coach, intuitive consultant and yoga/meditation teacher who helps empaths and sensitives find their inner power. Visit or follow him on IG @michaellottcoaching.