By Kimberly Faith Clo

The Bible says you can tell a tree by its fruit. The fruit of the trees that our forefathers planted are being born out in our current deeply broken American financial system and our strong racial divides. What other fruit could it bear? Where else could this story ever have gone but here? Every gardener knows that if you plant a watermelon seed, while you may or may not get a watermelon to grow, it definitely won’t be a tomato. Not everything bears fruit. Only things given enough water and sunlight do.

After COVID hit and things started to fly off the rails, it became clear to me that nobody actually truly knows what’s going on. No matter what anyone thinks or believes is “really” going on, none of us really has the whole story. I kept remembering the Broadway musical, Hamilton and how the only reason those guys became the founding fathers is because they wanted to be.

I’m paying attention. I am not beholden to any outer authority but my own. I am a self-selected Founding Mother of a New World. And as such I will do it according to what makes sense to me. I will not yell. I will not push. I will not force anyone to listen.

But I did make a flag (only it’s more like a seed).

And I did write a pledge of allegiance (only it’s more of a blessing).

And I did learn a song once, and as soon as I heard it, I recognized it as the National Anthem of A New World (only it’s more of a lullaby).

I am a Self-Selected Founding Mother of a New World.

I say “A” New World instead of “THE” New World because everyone is going to be living in whatever world they choose. The things we give our time, attention, and emotion to become our actual lived-in world.

I create Oracle Art: transmissions of love in the language of geometry. Think of my work like geometric poems. The colors I choose are coded with teaching and wisdom. So here’s my flag (see image above).

It is an art piece I made during COVID.

The seeds I am planting as a Founding Mother of a New World are contained in the wisdom of the poetry of the flag. And the flag holds the code for the blessing.

A New World Seed Blessing.

May you create anew according to your pleasure

May you shine your glorious light

May you take mature, responsible care of your creations

May you know that you are safe

And may you honor the truth and fullness of your being

In your experience of






So I say and So it is.

And instead of an anthem, I choose to sing a Soil Song—the warm dark soil in which to plant the seed. Where a typical national anthem puffs up, I prefer a world whose song invokes strong love and feeling secure, supported and seen.

It’s a song you may even know—maybe never thought of it in this way. Here are the words. It is sung over us by all of Heaven and Earth anyway (whether we realize it or not):

We behold you beautiful one,

We behold you Child of the Earth and Sun.

Let this love wash over you,

Let this love watch over you

The American Founding Fathers were that simply because they showed up.

I am showing up.

These are my values, and I share them here in case it inspires you to lay your own foundations with intention and decide to create your own new world in a way that brings YOU pleasure.

I love to share and talk about my current visions and understanding of things.

May this piece and this art support you even now in deeply nourishing ways.

Kimberly is a visual artist who is ruthlessly devoted to communicating LOVE through ordinary means and the irresistible language of color, geometric expression, precious metals and a jillion dots. After her transition from fundamentalist Southern Baptist Christianity at age 35, having served as a Bible teacher and leader, she had a sudden shift in consciousness and painfully walked away from the whole thing—except LOVE. To learn more about Kimberly and Oracle Art, please visit

Photo of original Oracle Art, “WE BEHOLD YOU BEAUTIFUL ONES :: FLAG FOR A NEW WORLD” by Kimberly Clo, 2020.

Audio Credit: Neal Cappellino at The Doghouse Studio, Nashville, TN.

Flute Credit: Kimberly Clo.