Maybe you’re feeling the call in your heart to do something different, to look at things differently, to move or to change your relationships if they’re not working. This is where using the S.A.V.O.R. process can really help you enjoy and appreciate the totality of our human body and soul.

S is to Slow down. The first step of S.A.V.O.R. is to slow down or stop, whether that’s mentally pausing or physically pausing and saying, “Wait, this is going on, I need to pay attention to it.”Slow down or stop what you are doing and just notice—tune into that place of observation. For some people that may be really challenging, and you have to develop a rhythm or something that can help you to slow down or come to a stop. Yoga and meditation practices are great because they teach us to check in with the breath so we can ground and be present with what is.

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