We've been hearing the words "safe and effective" for a few years now. What we've found is that everything associated with this totalitarian tagline has been anything but. To live our authentic lives, do we really need to count on a safety net?

Or like any net, is it really a form of a trap?

From masks to metal detectors, seatbelts to speed limits, the seeking of safety is the act of constraint, withholding, like tying a collar and leash around our own neck and holding back all desire, truth, creativity, love, and inspiration we have been taught to be too scared to let out.

Safety is confused with order, with harmony, but this is false. True safety comes from tapping into your inner wisdom and finding out that we are always safe when we have faith in the Divine play, when we realize we are infinite. The boogeyman narrative starts indoctrinating us from birth in an attempt to remove our power and give it over to someone making the false promises to keep us safe, so they can take advantage of the naiveté of the population they see as disposable.

Think about it, when do you feel most alive, when you are "safe"... or when you are really living I suspect?

Too often we only feel this way on a vacation, but what if we could feel truly alive every day? Living life with boldness and courage brings inner harmony, a sense of knowing you are always safe and you came here to experience something great. Living life with fear, only focused on safety, brings inner chaos and a sense of wanting to let yourself out of your cage but fearful to do so because of worry of what “might” be. One way of living focuses on the future, one on the present.

When you really look around, we live in a sort of wild west montage, for all are predator and prey to something. In nature, the destructive force exists in equal measure as the creative force. This is in harmony with all things. Embracing your role as a destructive force from a place of reverence for life in congruency with nature, not against it, makes taking the life of a plant or creature that understands this far more than humans, a sacred cyclical process of love vs. one of death. Observe the game of cat and mouse in your own life and know the cat remains curious and stealth and so should we.

So let your wildness out and stop sanitizing yourself to death and I don’t just mean your skin, but your thoughts, your political correctness, your people pleasing, your politeness, your prudeness, your beliefs, your polished up and reigned in self for this is not safety--or living life--it’s death.

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