This Virgo season, activating Earth element characteristics such as stubborness is easily accessible to all of us this time of year.

How does it make you feel when someone calls you stubborn?

For me, it feels like a form of gaslighting or peer pressure as often someone will call you stubborn when you are unwilling to make them comfortable by bending to their desired outcome they hoped to witness by you. What someone is usually saying by labeling you stubborn is that you aren’t willing to compromise yourself to maintain the status quo, that your values and authenticity to hold yourself in highest integrity is greater than being flexible, giving in or going along to get along.

When you stop and look at it this way, stubbornness is a gift as steadfast as the roots beneath our feet, unwavering and grounded.

Despite the negative connotation of stubbornness from society, it can also mean:

Integrity: Knowing who you are and what your values are and not compromising on them. Maybe you’ve done exploration to "inner-stand" who you are, not that you won’t ever change, but that when you do find a point of knowing thyself, you stay true to that inner wisdom above all else, because this is where the purest integrity lives. Standing in highest integrity can be perceived as stubborn by those who ebb and flow or tow the line to please others, by those who wish you weren’t so damn strong in character because they may not have yet developed the same steadiness. Hold true to your highest integrity even if it makes others uncomfortable, you give them permission to practice on themselves by witnessing the stance of a spine standing tall in courage and not bending to external forces.

Intuition: When you are tapped into your intuition there is this inner knowing, something guiding you, an unshakable, undeniable message speaking to you through your body, mind, and soul. Sometimes listening to this means going against the grain of what others may expect from you, but when you hold steadfast in trusting your intuition and this divine inner guidance, it helps you stay on your individual path. Sometimes doing this may be perceived as being stubborn, but remember all the times you didn’t follow your intuition and wish you had? Hold fast to that gut feeling, because you know you know.

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