What is so timeless about the spirit of Easter? I think it is our innate awareness that resonates with the sacred symbology of the holiday.

Metaphysically, Jesus represents God’s highest idea of man in expression. He represents the I AM. He knew he was an individualized expression of the One Life. The Christ Consciousness is the highest idea of divinity realized.

The Cross symbolizes the intersection of two currents of thought. The perpendicular bar represents the current of Divine Nature moving down into the world of form. The horizontal bar represents the cross current of human limitation. The crucifixion represents releasing the illusion of separation between the physical and non-physical.

The Tomb represents the great void. The place of nothing and everything where all possibilities and potential exist. It is “the unseen field.” As spiritual seekers, it is that place within us where we must go to allow our ego mind to fall silent. It represents the sacred space where the most negative phase of material thought or ignorance can be faced, accepted, and transmuted back to the “bloated nothingness from whence it came”.

The Watchers at the tomb made sure nobody stole Jesus’ body. Metaphysically, the watchers represent the fears and judgments that tend to limit the activity of our awareness—of our realizing our eternal nature.

The Three Days in the tomb represent the three movements of mind involved in how we overcome illusion as human beings. The first day represents non-resistance and humility. The second day represents taking on the Divine Activity or receiving the Will of God. The third day represents when we reach that point of letting go. This is when the will of God, the Heart of God, the mind of God, the Life of God, the Activity of God rises within us.

The Stone represents our fears that are exacerbated when we operate from reaction and response to the dimensional realm. It is only when we engage in life as our true ascended selves, generating our experience through love, compassion, and an understanding of the Universal YES of Life, does the realm of the physical shift easily and effortlessly and we rise above any sense of limitation.

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