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What if I told you the old paradigm that we are shifting away from was based on the foundation of greed and money? Most of us realize that we are going through a huge paradigm shift. This shift is not only happening to humanity but to the planet and the entire universe at large. If we look back in history, we see massive changes have taken place. Science shares some of the drastic changes the planet has endured, such as the Ice Ages. We have ancient maps that look different from today’s, and we are being reminded by astrology that we are living through one of these extreme times. Isn’t it interesting that the Mayan calendar ended in 2012? Look at all the global events that have taken place since then. What if this Mayan ending was really just the beginning of a new era? We even had an unusual occurrence of the Christmas star at the Winter Solstice in 2020 that was said to be a light of hope that Christ Consciousness would be returning. Religious folks might proclaim that it’s the End Times. Spiritualists will agree, but in a different way. While fundamentalist Christians might assume it’s Christ returning for the Judgment Day, spiritualists will say the Christ Consciousness is “awakening within,” which will propel us into a new age.

Jesus turned over the taxpayers’ table in the temple. The Bible says “the love of money is the root of all evil.” Yet we realize we cannot survive in the world without having this exchange of money. Money is a form of energy and tends to hold a certain amount of value. Think about when you travel and have to exchange currency. Some currency holds their value more than others. But imagine if our value was based on our frequency. What if our value was based on who we are as people, our core values, or what we could offer, share or contribute? Our hidden treasures are our gifts and talents and medicine we can offer the world. You may have gifts and talents that haven’t even been discovered yet. This is the beauty of doing inner work, trying new things, and evolving outside our comfort zone.

Think about what you hold as sacred. It could be something sentimental for you that holds memory and be completely worthless to another. We have a common expression that says one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. I remember when my grandmother died, we all were able to pick items from her home. She didn’t have a lot of earthly riches. They were nursery farmers. They grew their own food in the garden and had animals to raise for slaughter or sale. All I wanted was her old feather mattress, an antique trunk, some photos and some glassware. Everyone made fun of me for wanting that feather mattress, but she had inherited that from her mother and told stories of how they used it to cover the children when tornados hit. I slept on that mattress every time I spent the night with her, so it was full of fond memories for me. The old trunk held her prized items like photos and quilt scraps. Even though it was not in the best condition, it reminded me of her house. The glasses were something I could use daily and be reminded of her and our bond.

We may hold our friendships and family as our greatest riches. You may also look at health as being your greatest wealth. But regardless, what we hold sacred is usually not the most valuable possessions we own. For instance, my prized possessions are my statues of deities that remind me about how to live an ethical life and crystals that fill my home with color and feed us positive energy. My dogs are special to me because they provide unconditional love and companionship. Look around you to see what you love the most. Practice some feng shui principles of letting go of clutter or anything you no longer use or love. Make space. Simplify your life. By doing these cleanups often, or at least seasonally, you will realize you actually do not need very much to live, survive and thrive.

Did you know Elon Musk lives in a tiny home? Imagine one of the wealthiest men alive living so simply. Granted, he may be extravagant in other areas, but it’s possible. We do not have to prove anything to ourselves or another. However, this New Earth we are entering is asking us to purge. Even the planet is purging, and I heard an incredible statement the other day. It’s Purge to Emerge.” If we strip ourselves down to what is essential, we will see we don’t need that much. If we downsize, we are actually freeing ourselves up on many levels. Less to clean up and take care of. Fewer bills to manage and pay. Less is more, so you are, in essence, giving yourself more time and freedom to pursue other things.

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