We've recently focused our lens on Sacred Economy. And thanks to Robbie Michelle Short's spring issue cover article, we've learned that at the core of it, Sacred Economy is love! Today's post comes by way of someone who passed along a message she received at her work. Turns out the source of this enlightening message is Brittany Collins, LPC-MHSP, the Program Director for the Sparta & Crossville offices at Health Connect America. It's a sweet spotlight on the kind of work environment we can inspire and maintain when we inject a little bit of LOVE into it ... and those know how to lead with light deserve appreciation! Have other examples or bits and bobs to share on Sacred Economy is love? Pass them our way! Email the editorial team anytime at [email protected].

Hello team! I hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far. 🙂  I want to take a moment today to remind you that -- mistakes happen. We have a lot of team members who tend to be perfectionists (...not me... 👀). While I understand the sentiment behind not wanting to "mess up"... for myself, I can say that some of my best lessons were learned from things that did not go the way I planned. Mistakes are a valuable part of the learning and growth process. As I tell new employees -- there's not much of anything that you can mess up that can't be fixed. And I wholeheartedly believe that. So – my ask today is that you give yourself grace. Always try your best, obviously, but also -- set realistic and attainable expectations/goals for yourself. Not only will this relieve stress, but it will help you to feel more productive and successful. And when you run into those unexpected or unplanned situations, don't ask "why is this happening to me?" but rather, "what is this teaching me?" I promise -- the lesson is there, if you just look for it.

Brittany Collins, LPC-MHSP, is the Program Director for the Sparta & Crossville offices at Health Connect America. She has served in community mental health for over 11 years. She has a passion for working with the underserved and growing her team into well-established clinicians. She is grateful to work alongside her team of accomplished treatment providers who have a heart for service and client advocacy.

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