On the heels of the recent Full Supermoon in Aquarius, the incoming approach of Mercury Retrograde and today, right in the moment of the Leo-Virgo cusp, many of us have been feeling some intense energies via the theme of RELEASE this month. First, building up then culminating in a BIG letting go, I expect it has not been smooth sailing for the vast majority of us lately--but ugly cries and all, a new, hopeful feeling is finally breaking through and offering some unexpected confirmation that whatever we've been asked to release--is truly for the best!

If you're called to work further with LETTING GO this week here are some personalized suggestions based on my channeled Soul Sign Realms. Note that while most people's Soul Signs differ from their Astrological sign, the Realms can be worked with through their correspondence to the Four Elements. If you do not know your Soul Signs, refer to the element that your Astrological Sun sign falls under (see options in bold). (To learn more about Soul Signs and the Seven Realms, check out my primer post here.)

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