The lead off story in our Winter Spiritual Journal's special focus on "Angels Among Us", Richard Dorn's "Reiki and the Beyond" has enchanted readers for its message about trusting the unknown and the incredible way life continues on the other side. Cozy up to one of the most moving reads from our Winter issue and then check out our following Self-Activation prompts to inspire your Self-Care Sunday today.

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Winston Churchill comforted the citizens of the British Isles during the darkest period of World War II with his famous quote, “Now is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end, but it is perhaps the end of the beginning.” Those words reflect my belief that my beloved life partner, Miss Paulette, was now beginning her new existence in the realm of infinity—Ceugant as known to Druids, heaven as known to Christians. A realm of singularity from which all things originate and all things return. Our true home.

But her passing was a battle of Herculean proportion. A complete disruption of our retirement plans to tour the West, as she had never seen the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone or the Bad Lands. We’d purchased a shiny convertible to do so, laughing about being the coolest old folks in Yellowstone—and then she got the diagnosis.

Cancer. The cruelest word in the English language! But, I was her warrior and committed to her care. Three plus years of surgeries, IV immunotherapy, CT scans, PET scans, hospitalizations and intensive care on ventilators. Lastly, chemotherapy, but by then she was physically exhausted and the toxic chemicals were too much for her kidneys. She was sent home to be tended my me and hospice.

The house became a hospital. Feeding machines, oxygen tanks, a hospital bed and wheelchair. I set my sleeping arrangements so I could see and hear her at all times, as she was completely helpless. I never left her side.

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