Since 2020, more and more people are realizing the world is not as we once thought and in an effort to find freedom, peace and sovereignty, picked up on the phrasing and often say we are "exiting the matrix.”

I have used this phrase many times until one day I thought to myself, what is really going on here? Is the matrix and “exiting the matrix” part of the agenda too? (If you're unfamiliar, investigate the World Economic Forum's Great Reset and Agenda 2030 as a starting point.)

According to the following definitions apply to the word "matrix":

late 14c., matris, matrice, "uterus, womb," from Old French matrice "womb, uterus" and directly from Latin mātrix (genitive mātricis) "pregnant animal," in Late Latin "womb," also "source, origin," from māter (genitive mātris) "mother" (see mother (n.1)).
The Hebrew word for matrix is “rehem,” translated “womb” which can be found 21 times: (Genesis 20:18; Genesis 29:31; Genesis 30:22; Exodus 13:2; Numbers 8:16; Numbers 12:12; 1 Samuel 1:5-6; Job 3:11; Job 10:18; Job 24:20; Job 31:15 [x2]; Job 38:8; Psalm 22:10; Psalm 58:3; Psalm 110:3; Jeremiah 1:5; Jeremiah 20:17-18; Hosea 9:14).

Certainly a New Earth or way of being is being birthed inside a womb or matrix. When we use phrases like “exit the matrix” thus are we saying we want to exit the womb? To exit the womb from the reality we reside in would thus be to leave earth in one sense, though another sense is to birth something new.

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