We have landed we are here

Welcome us as we welcome you

We are here we have landed

Welcome truth as truth welcomes you

We have landed we are here

We have crossed over

from the other side

We come in peace

We beings, we are creatures from all walks of life...we come in peace we are the rainbow tribe...

We are here

We have finally arrived calling out to all rainbow warriors let me hear your warrior cry

Calling out to all rainbow children

Come forth!

For it is time!

To come together to battle for war...

Bring your gifts

Circle up and Dance

Embrace the colors feel the energy connection with our hands

Step to the sound of the elements earth, fire, water and wind,

Let our shadow dance in the moonlight… recharge our energy before the daily battles begin


Feel the colors of your energy

Let your spirit guides speak their language to you fluently.

We are indigo children

Rainbow Warriors and star seeds

Let our spirit guides meet each other on a higher frequency

We are here we landed all Rainbow Warriors stand with me...

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