In honor of Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor whose 70 year reign as Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom came to an end on September 8, we've unlocked the following episode which originally aired in February 2022.

In our eighth episode of Soul Animals & the Stars, Marci and Kirem dive in to investigate, read and discuss together the Soul Animal couplets of the royal Queen Elizabeth II! At 95 years old, Queen Elizabeth has been serving as monarch for almost 70 years. She is the longest reigning British monarch, as well as the longest serving female head of state in history. When we filmed this taping she had recently been forced to slow down a bit due to a brief hospitalization. Very recently however, she is slowing down again due to a COVID diagnosis. However, her soul animals reveal she is tough as can be, owning her power and handling the demands of her position with ease!

How does this high profile monarch apply to the New Earth? Even though she serves as the royal Queen, Queen Elizabeth still has a human side. Nicknamed “Lilibet” by her late husband, the Queen has a great love for horses and her famous Corgi dogs. She has handled struggles in her life just like all of us. And she has done it with grace and dignity while in the spotlight of the public eye for most of her life! Hint- she is very well rounded with toughness and unexpected thoughtfulness!

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