In our recent and popular series from Astrologer Julie Starr, we received a few questions from our Contributor Circle about accessing the chart information and more surrounding "Witches in Your Birthchart". Read on for our Q&A between Julie and contributors Alan Marnett and Angela Morris.

Alan: Thanks for the introduction to Circe and Medea--this is a really interesting overlay on the basic chart I'm familiar with! I don't know if there's necessarily a 'right answer' to these questions--as it may come down to personal interpretations and feelings--but as a Virgo, I'm compelled by the stars to ask...

1. My Circe is in Aries. Does that mean during April I can 'shape shift' into more of an Aries temperament, or does it mean I can take on Aries traits any time of the year that I need them?

2. (Note to self: never accept a drink from Medea.) Similar to the first question, if my Medea is in Gemini, does that mean every year in June I may expect to experience power struggles? Or does it mean that when I interact with people who are Geminis--any time of year--I need to be aware of potential power struggles?

Julie: Thank you for these thoughtful and provocative questions! I also love how the asteroids add yet another layer of meaning to the birth chart.

These energies apply to the areas of your chart in which they are located and they may be further activated during transits that affect them. It is possible that your “inner Aries” shows up in the area of your life that is ruled by this energy (look to the house). Aries is ruled by Mars. Archetypes associated with these energies include leaders and warriors. For example, do you find that you “shape-shift” or take on a different way of behaving when you find yourself in a leadership role. Or perhaps becoming a leader has helped you to transform in some way? This is just an example of how Circe in Aries might show up. Circe helps us to claim our power and to be our authentic selves regardless of what others may think. Remember, she was exiled. But that didn’t stop her. In fact, it allowed her to get focused and grow in her power.

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