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The NEW EARTH ALMANAC is a Spiritual Journal for the Evolutionary Soul “welcoming home co-creators of the New Earth.” Join our sacred circle as we pass around the talking stick to share knowledge, passion, and ancient wisdom! We bring you a gorgeously illustrated, full color magazine presenting wisd…
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Pre-order your wholesale packages now of our upcoming Summer Spiritual Journal, ready for retail sale starting in June 2023!There are 5 copies of the magazine included per order. Example: If you would like to receive 50 wholesale copies, adjust the quantity to 10.The NEW EARTH ALMANAC is a Spiritual…

Spring Spiritual Journal

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The perfect gift for the evolutionary soul! Avoid wrapping (and supply chain disruption) with guaranteed digital delivery in time for the holidays or your special occasion! (function (g, i, f, t, u, p, s) { g[u] = g[u] || function() { (g[u].q = g[u].q || []).push(arguments) }; p = i.createE…
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