Happy President's Day! The following piece originally appeared in our debut issue on Independence Day 2021. New for this re-print, find additional Soul Sign entries for Barack Obama and Kamala Harris.

George Washington

Eagle, Wolf, Scorpion + Symbol: Microscope

Eagle and Microscope combined demonstrate an exceptionally sharp vision for the future and attention to detail in carrying it out. It’s no coincidence that the Eagle became such a prominent symbol of our nation. Wolf is the protector and bringer of messages to their beloved community. Scorpion adds the element of rebel-warrior energy which exemplifies the early Patriot’s deep calling to fight for freedom.

Abraham Lincoln

Horse + Archetypes: General, Saturn Teacher + Chakra: Heart

Horses give their life to causes greater than their own. It is their honor to sacrifice their life for the betterment of those they serve. Generals are great strategists. The Saturn Teacher signifies the traditionally paternal role of disciplinarian — dispensing “tough love” and holding the highest standards as a moral leader. Lincoln was an early Fifth Dimensional Man, he lived and was guided by the wisdom of his Heart, even when others did not understand.

John F. Kennedy

Eagle + Symbols: Street Sweeper, Music Note

JFK shares similarities with Washington as a patriot with a great vision for our nation. Street Sweeper symbolizes modernity and the implementation of new inventions to do old things. Kennedy’s idealism and desire to make life easier and better for the average American ushered in the modern era of the presidency. The Music Note is his deep calling to harmony and integration, and his gift to inspire and uplift the nation.

Ronald Reagan

Starfish + Archetype: Cowboy

Starfish is a natural celebrity of the animal kingdom. Sensitive, yet well-grounded individuals, they are suited to handle the spotlight regardless of upheaval or conflict. Strong in their convictions, they make charismatic leaders as they have the uncanny gift to tap into the emotional and spiritual pulse of others (or a nation). Cowboys elicit a nostalgic sense of masculinity that’s both uniquely American and deeply connected to the natural world — rugged, earthy, introspective, solitary and strong. Interesting to note that Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative was dubbed “Star Wars”, and as an actor, he played a cowboy in movies and TV.

Barack Obama

Swordfish + Symbol: Diamond

Swordfish are sensory warrior souls and reincarnated birds who chose to return from the Intellectual realm to bring their gifts and lead through the emotional realm. Swordfish wish to show us an alternate path and are rigid in their vision - with sword-like focus they swim straight to their goals. However, like all fish, Swordfish are sensitive and can have a thin skin. This combination of ambition and sensitivity is unique and the Diamond underscores this, as they are rare and brilliant in their gifts.

Donald Trump

Gorilla + Chakra: Third Eye

Simultaneously proud, aggressive and stoic. Unabashedly masculine and driven by ambition (frontal lobe, aspect of the Third Eye). Leadership style is “Operates to dominate”. Uses demanding “chest beating” tactics in order to be heard and get their way. Under the loud exterior, their deep desire is actually to bring about peace and order, as long as they’re in charge to keep it that way. Otherwise, watch out! Gorillas are not afraid if the battle gets bloody. Despite a wandering eye, Gorillas are also devoted fathers and family men.

Joe Biden

Peacock + Symbol: Wheel of a Shopping Cart

Peacock is the gifted courtesan, the precursor of the modern-day politician. With its tail feathers spread like a living fan, the Peacock attracts attention wherever it goes. Politically gifted, attractive but vain, they will have the tendency to never outgrow the craving for attention. Peacock, being a grounded bird, does its best to compensate for its lack of flying (aka mental / intellectual ability), by striving to be Mr. Popular instead. The Wheel of the Shopping Cart reveals that at the core, their function is to stay well-oiled and serve to keep their political machine moving ahead. What’s inside the cart is up to popular opinion — and especially up to the Collective to ensure that whatever is allowed to fill that shopping cart aligns with the values of the New Earth.

Kamala Harris

Leech + Symbol: Rolling pizza pie cutter

Leeches provide very clear indications of who and what they are. There’s no pretense—a leech is after lifeblood and prefers a parasitical existence over one of self-determination. Unable to survive on their own, leech personalities need to be surrounded by a support system that both props them up and defines them. They’re savage about survival and they hold no guilt or conscience about using tactics that others might find morally questionable—nothing is too low for them to stoop to if it means guaranteed success, fame or fortune. The pizza cutter symbolizes a comfortability and ease with the obtaining and maintaining of power through division vs. holism.

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