Settling into the approachable Aquarius energies upon us, positive vibes are within reach this time of year. If you're feeling a little down or blue, there is nothing like the gift of friendship and support to uplift you that Aquarians naturally bring to their relationships. Here are a few articles from our collection that resonate with this golden Aquarian quality to raise your spirits today:

Pre-Pave Your Day
Come Celebrate Our Fall Issue With Us!Join the Almanac co-founders Marci Lingelbach and Kirem Marnett as well as contributing writer and Fall cover story author, Paul Meier, for a gathering with the New Earth tribe at Nashville Farmer’s Market. We’re taking time to enjoy one-another and celebrate
Sun Gazing
Harnessing the magnificent healing power of the sun is a beautiful spiritual practice. Sun Gazing is a meditative practice that involves gazing at the sun within an hour of sunrise or sunset with the intent to connect into and absorb primal energy and life force. According to color therapy expert
Tell Your Kids They are Awesome
Sonia’s poem is featured in our Fall Spiritual Journal as part of our spotlight on the Inner Child. Didn’t get a chance to order a print copy of the Fall issue? We have a small batch available for sale, visit our Print Shop online for more info and to order
One Note Higher Exercise
The following is an excerpt from contributing writer Veronica O’Grady’s first Almanac article, “Birthing the New Earth”, published in our second issue from July 2021. Today, on this last day of Libra Season, connect to Veronica’s message, “It’s all music” and embody this feeling today when you try h…