In our Spring issue, we dive into the topic du jour: "Sacred Economy: A New Value System on the Verge". The following, from page 16, captures the editorial team's description of the moment we're in:

"What will shake loose as a result of these shifting economic times? Some say the end of the world in the form of an economic collapse is inevitable. Others know that whatever may happen, what we’re experiencing is a necessary process to reveal what must clear away so the real, true Earth can emerge. Ultimately, an economy is established based on what a society gives value to. What are our values, and what then will be the value system in the New Earth? What might we be letting go of today in order to let in a better tomorrow? Read on to hear the answers to these questions from some of our visionary New Earth co-creators. This issue’s contributor circle came together to kick off the conversation on this vast topic, and they provide phenomenal insights shedding light on where we’ve been, where we might go from here, and what comes next."

Today we pass the talking stick to the Almanac's newest contributor, creative healer and curious researcher, Paula Hawley. Her following prompts help us process the kinds of things the Collective needs to prepare for and ponder in the precipitous moment we're in. Paula's questions also encourage us to dream bigger than we've ever allowed ourselves to before! Take some time today to sit with her profound questions and share anything that comes up with us in comments!

  • Are you prepared to face the strange changes?
  • How robust is your sense of wonder?
  • Are you willing to have your mind blown, daily, with new information about old stuff?
  • Can you engage with your soul-self to sense the quality and veracity of the new information?
  • Are you resilient?
  • How much intensity can you take?
  • How much shock can you bear?
  • How strong is your desire to persevere?
  • What does it really take to change the world for good, forever?
  • Can you imagine your role in that?
  • How many challenges have you already overcome?
  • What if all perceived limitations to greatness were only imaginary?
  • Do you believe in miracles?
  • What inspires and motivates you to be the best and the most unique “you”?
  • What have you always desired to create, see, explore, experience…?
  • What ignites your passion and expands your joy?
  • Do you know how magnificent and powerful you truly are?
  • How does it feel to smile all day long?
  • How BIG can you dream?

Paula Hawley is a modern-day polymath based in Nashville, TN.  Embracing exploration with an "all-in" attitude is her approach to living a fulfilling life. Paula has achieved a level of expertise as a musician, homeopath, perfumer, massage therapist, sound healer, renovator, landscaper and researcher, and loves applying her skills to help raise the vibration as we transition to a New Earth.

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