Continuing with the Almanac's series on the planetary energies and the days of the week, here is the wisdom for Tuesday:

Tuesday: “Day of Mars”

Mars is the planet of war, and rules competition, sports, goal achieving, ambition, winning, and motivating. It’s a very masculine, or yang energy which initiates, directs, gets in the game, and drives. You can think of it as the coach who pushes you to succeed, or the challenge that shows up to evolve you into a stronger person, or the battlefield you step on to fight the good fight. With this energy you’re being asked to lead yourself, and do it through taking action. Mars wants to awaken your courage, and help you mobilize. Mars loves action, leadership, and initiative. It thrives on facing challenges, and can help us feel strong, energized, youthful and heroic.

To embody Mars is to be a hero, someone who is overcoming a challenge or hardship, and possibly leading others while doing so. It is also to be in tune with sexual energy. If you are fully embodying this energy, you may feel very heated in your body, sexually charged, and naturally in tune with animal instincts. You will not be sitting at home much, but rather out in the world making things happen, charging forward into new places, meeting new people, and working toward change. This is a fiery, lit up, turned on feeling that ignites the power of transformation. When in its shadow or stifled, Mars energy looks like rage, irritability, anger, inflammation, and frustration. To direct Mars energy in a beneficial way, it needs to be brought to the heart space and channeled from there.

Tuesday is a great day to:

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