Continuing with the Almanac's series on the planetary energies and the days of the week, here is the wisdom for Sunday:

Sunday: Day of the Sun

The Sun is at the center of everything, and it’s why we refer to all the planets as ‘the solar system.’ Essentially it’s what’s giving us life! The sun brings warmth, clarity, and joy. It’s that force of brightness that breaks through the dark, or pierces through clouds after a storm. It brings us back to unity and safety, letting us know everything is gonna be okay. Its light is the light of consciousness itself, bringing spiritual intelligence.

To be attuned to the sun is to be tapped into self-awareness and joy. Often celebrities and comedians embody sun energy because they are comfortable being in the spotlight and radiating light out to others. You can feel ‘sun’ energy the most in the summer, and in tropical places or islands close to the equator. Sun energy radiates, warms, laughs, shines, and plays. It’s characterized by generosity, giving, joking, having fun, and having an optimistic outlook on life. It can also help you express confidence, clarity, and breakthroughs.

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