Welcome to Pisces Season! Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac and represented by the symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions. Pisces people are compassionate and accommodating. It is the most gentle of all the signs. Pisces feel emotions like no other. Empathy, intuition and spirituality are all traits of this emotional water sign. Pisces are known for their rose colored glasses and soft views of the world. They can easily see the good and just as easily tune out the darkness. During this beautiful Pisces season we all may be drawn to ethereal things like art, tarot and dream work. Pisces season is sure to show you new ways to tap into your spirituality and gain strength as you go!

Pisces can be emotionally sensitive and therefore vulnerable to criticism. They do not want to hurt others and often put their own needs behind the needs of people around them. Pisces are wonderful with spontaneity and really thrive when they are in FLOW. They are a water sign after all. So this Pisces season we should all strive to be open to and embrace what is naturally appearing. Pay attention to synchronicities and signs. Deep emotions will be accessible to you this season maybe more than all the other zodiac seasons. All we are asked to do right now is to experience them. Be open and aware of the deeper meanings and messages. This is an intuitive time for all!

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