In my prior article (An invitation to HEALY(ing) your Life Part 1) I gave the history on how Healy was created and when it was first introduced into my life in November 2022. I’d like to now tell you about my personal experiences since working with this energetic frequency magic.

In December 2022 I saw on social media that one of my dear friends and fellow healing coaches had gotten a Healy. I commented on her post and she sent me a message to ask if I wanted her to run remote frequencies on me for 3 days. I immediately said YES. I still had no clue what this was or how it worked, I just knew I was being drawn to working with it like a magnet. I sent a picture of myself, DOB, and my intention with what I wanted these frequencies to focus on. Then we set a date to start 3 days of frequencies. That very first day she ran them on me I felt like I was outside of my body. Like I was floating. I was in the middle of a session with a client and I had to pause a few times to get clear on our exchange. I shared with him what was occurring and that I was ok, I could just feel a wild sensation in my body I had never felt before.

I shared this with my friend running the frequencies and she said she would adjust them so it wouldn't be as intense. We completed the full 3 days and by the end of the 3rd day I was blown away by how different I felt. Then the wildest and most miraculous thing happened, I got a period. I am 51 years old and I stopped having periods 2 years ago. I went through menopause. But something in me knew that when that period came my body was preparing itself--literally and figuratively restoring its cellular makeup.

I knew I would be purchasing a Healy and this was something I would be using on going in my life to support my mind-body-spirit energetic blueprint. I purchased my Healy in early March 2023. Here is what I can share with you since I’ve had it.

I use Healy every single day. It comes with armbands that have metal snaps and cords that plug directly into the portable, compact Healy device. The device has a hook that slides on to any aspect of my shirt, pants, or fits inside pockets. The armbands and cords send direct micro-current frequencies to my body. This frequency is selected and admitted via an app on my phone. I turn the device on in conjunction with opening the app. I then select the program I would like to run. This specifies where frequencies are being sent. The endless options of  programs I can pick from is too long to list for this article, but it is definitely what makes this device and tool so incredibly special.

Our bodies are these multi dimensional works of art. There are endless aspects of what allows our body to function and thrive. Healy was designed to connect with each unique part of the mind-body-spirit. Healy also offers a coil charger insert for the portable device. You can use the coil instead of the armbands and cords when needed for ease or mobility. The coil works with scaler waves, by moving energy through the torus field. Torus field is the energy of your aura. Last but not least, Healy can send remote frequencies via a secondary app called the Healy Advisor. That could be another article all together. The frequency revelation is endless when it comes to the Quantum Field.

When I am utilizing the support of Healy for myself I work with and pick programs that are centered around the areas of mind-body-spirit I am most engaged with. In addition to being a psychic and medium, I am also a colon hydrotherapist. I hold a lot of energy in my gut. The gut is your second brain and quite literally where we process not only what we consume from food, but equally our emotions. So I have devoted much of my Healy frequencies to my Small Intestine, Large Intestine, Gastrointestinal Harmony, Liver, and Hormone Balancing. I run specific programs on healthy bacteria in the gut. And one of my absolute favorite programs as a Healer that I run is called Defense. There is an intestinal defense program and another one for over all immunity support. Since working with Healy every single day for the last 5 months I have experienced changes in my mood, energy, sleep, appetite, texture (firmness) of my skin, cognitive recall, work production, physical strength/mobility, and I am still having regular monthly menstrual periods. I feel like I discovered the fountain of youth in the form of micro-current quantum frequencies!

I’ve incorporated the aspect of sending remote frequencies to clients and friends as part of my professional mission on this planet to raise their vibration for optimal health. Healy has become such an integral part of my over all day-to-day wellness practice that it is now just an organic extension of me.

I read on social media in the last month or so from someone who is a fellow Healy enthusiast say, “Healy picks you, you don’t pick Healy”. Nothing has ever felt more true for me. Just like a battery needs to be recharged, so do we as human beings on this planet. That is exactly what Healy does. It puts the power of me into my own hands by allowing these frequencies to recharge my human battery. It does this in direct relationship to the endless expansions in the quantum field. I describe it as a beautiful exploration and weaving of accessing your highest vibration. This is New Earth.

I asked two of my clients who’ve been working with Healy for the last few months to please describe their experience. This is what they told me.

Healy has helped me in so many ways. There are days I have simply needed an energy boost and some days I need allergy relief. Healy immediately helps with both. – CC
The reset of my nervous system has changed my world. It has reset my mindset with all aspects of my life. To have my mind and body working together as one is all due to Healy. Thank you for bringing Healy into my life. – MT

So here is the question I’d like to ask each of you. How do your raise your vibration every day? What are the ways you have found to utilize or access to raise your vibration, and raise the vibration of our planet (the collective)? I believe that every step we take towards healing ourselves sends out a frequency/vibration to the energetic field we exist in. The quantum field. I am committed to this work and the practices of raising my own vibration. Healy has taken my dreams of quantum leaps into raising my vibration a reality.

If you’d like to know more about working with Healy or would like to receive remote frequencies please contact me via my website email or DM me on Instagram.

Let the frequencies be with you.

Everything is Energy.

Jessica Johnson is a psychic-medium, intuitive coach and manifesting mentor who believes that “Everything is Energy.” She has devoted the last 17 years to the principles and practice of mind, body and spirit work. She recently became a colon hydrotherapist in her ongoing passion for healing the body inside out. If you would like to know more about HEALY, what it does specifically, and how it has transformed Jessica's healing blueprint then follow her on Instagram @jess_m_johnson and read her posts about Healy(ing) Frequency upgrades, expansion, and health transformation. DM Jessica to request or receive remote Healing Frequency Sessions. Or click on here to view all Healy Products. Learn more about Jessica at