When do you recall realizing you were made of electric current?

I remember that wild sensation the first time I got shocked grabbing a door knob. I was young and had no clue why or how that happened. It wasn’t until I was grown that I grasped the true measure of myself (and humans) as an electrical being. How wild it was that electrons were jumping from me on to the metal door knob in response to the friction of my feet moving across the floor. It was like electrical hopscotch.

It wasn’t until I was in my early 30’s that this concept of how we were electrical beings would resurface. I had significant health issues arise after having my first child. In order to heal my body, I began working with a massage therapist bi-weekly that started incorporating energy healing during our sessions; otherwise known as reiki. She asked if that was ok. I very much liked the way massage felt, but I equally liked this other aspect of working on me that didn’t involve touching me. That was my first introduction to energy healing.

I didn’t fully grasp the significance of how working with our own energy to heal the body would become instrumental in my life. That was almost 20 years ago. In the last 20 years everything in my life has become centered around working with our own energy. As I began the path to healing my body through energy work, I was able to understand my abilities as an intuitive energy healer--also known as a psychic and medium, but my abilities stem directly from accessing the energetic field of another person. I believe the body is always communicating with us, so my health crisis had become my health awakening to my body’s innate ability to energetically speak to me.

One way of experiencing your own energy in the body is “muscle testing”. Muscle testing taps into the subconscious mind, which allows us to answer questions about our emotional, mental, or physical wellbeing. This can be achieved by taking your index fingers and thumbs and making a loop on each hand, then intertwining them, creating a locking of the fingers. The subconscious mind sends an energetic response to the fingers to identify what the body is or is not in alignment with. Apply pressure by pulling the interlocked fingers while asking a question about yourself. If your fingers and thumb pull apart your answer is NO. If your fingers stay locked in place your answer is YES.

I was certified in energy healing in 2015. I studied with energy healers from 2015 until 2018 all over the country before beginning my intuitive healing profession in 2018. My tagline is "Everything is Energy". I’ve remained committed to ongoing healing courses and modalities to assist and offer for my clients. This past November I was introduced to a conduit for healing called HEALY. This was during an online course called Becoming Magnetic. Little did I know that this course would be solely focused on the energetic aspects of healing and expansion with frequencies as the guiding lighthouse. I was mesmerized and by March 2023 I had purchased my own HEALY. This began my energetic frequency healing transformation. I was officially taking my biggest expansive leap yet. Frequency healing lives inside each one of us in the quantum field.

So what is HEALY?

HEALY is a small portable frequency healing device. Based on the principles of Nicholas Tesla, Einstein, and other great scientists, Healy was conceived. It was birthed by the inventor of information field technology, Marcus Schmieke.

Marcus had three important questions after his studies in physics:

  • How do consciousness and matter interact?
  • How do body and soul interact?
  • What is beyond time?

To get these answers he spent more than 2 years in India as a professor and time in monasteries as a monk. Within his studies there of quantum physics, he came to understand the meaning of how the the fifth and sixth dimensions interact with the energy field of a human being. These dimensions are reached by humans in meditation. Where traumas, emotions, and fears are healed. The practice of meditation is created via internal frequencies that we have blocked. Meditation allows us to connect to a correct frequency and clear blocked energy.

Marcus realized that the only way to access these dimensions was to go beyond time. The only way to go beyond time was through vibrations. Marcus set out to integrate spiritual concepts with current science. Those principles became the foundation to communicate beyond time through frequencies and waves. A way was found to transfer this technology in a compact format that was accessible to people’s pockets and this is where HEALY was born. HEALY syncs up with an app on your phone and sends electrical healing frequencies directly to you.

I can’t wait to share more on my personal experience since using it and testimonials of my clients in Part 2 of An Invitation to HEALY(ing) your Life.

Everything and everyone is energy.

Frequency Healing is the New Earth Upgrade.

Raise your vibration.

Blessings Always.


Jessica Johnson is a psychic-medium, intuitive coach and manifesting mentor who believes that “Everything is Energy.” She has devoted the last 17 years to the principles and practice of mind, body and spirit work. She recently became a colon hydrotherapist in her ongoing passion for healing the body inside out. If you would like to know more about HEALY, what it does specifically, and how it has transformed Jessica's healing blueprint then follow her on Instagram @jess_m_johnson and read her posts about Healy(ing) Frequency upgrades, expansion, and health transformation. DM Jessica to request or receive remote Healing Frequency Sessions. Or click on here to view all Healy Products. Learn more about Jessica at www.jjintuitive.com.  

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