Kirem Marnett

With “be the change” synonomous with her own heartbeat, Kirem serves as a clear channel of loving energy, inspiring and helping others to embody their paths and become forces of Light in the world. Having a combined background in the healing arts, communications and business, Kirem is an activator for our newly emerging world. Her belief is that through both personal responsibility and collective cooperation, we can awaken the lasting cultural change required to manifest the world we all wish to live in. As co-founder of the New Earth Almanac, Kirem’s mission is to help the co-creators of the New Earth evolve further into their callings with restored passion, focus and energy.

A third-generation healer, Kirem also channels Soul Animal Wisdom that helps uncover our truest natures by revealing unique connections to the wild Earth. In her various roles serving the collective, Kirem fuses her intuitive gifts, practical know-how, training and knowledge from ancient, spiritual healing traditions (including Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui, Kundalini Yoga, Mantra, Meditation, Qi Gong, Reiki and Shamanism) with the intention to forge a new way forward based on a more holistic and conscious form of leadership aligned with Nature and Truth. Kirem’s magic lies in combining all aspects of her work with her signature supportive style, breaking down the complexities of ancient and esoteric traditions into highly potent, practical and actionable media that inspires change, transformation and healing.

In addition to serving as Editorial Director & Executive Producer for the New Earth Almanac, Kirem also holds a Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MAOM) from the New England School of Acupuncture, a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a concentration in broadcast journalism from Boston University, and is a certified Feng Shui Consultant, Kundalini Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master Teacher. While at BU, she was a recipient of the Dennis Kauff Memorial Reporting & Producing Award. Prior to launching her healing career, Kirem spent nearly a decade working in video production, public relations and marketing in Boston and San Francisco. For six months during 2019, Kirem wrote and self-published The Empath Almanac, the inspiration behind today's New Earth Almanac. She also served as Executive Producer & Director for 2020’s Lightwork Awards; and kickstarted the New Earth Nashville Meetup group, now over 500 members strong. Find her collection of articles published in the Almanac here.

Kirem's web site is Also connect with her on GETTR @KiremMarnett, follow our Telegram Channel or reach her and the New Earth Almanac team directly via email at [email protected].

Marci Lingelbach

Marci never met a crystal she didn’t love. Inspired by their sparkling beauty and energy healing qualities, the endless varieties and possibilities crystals offer have always inspired her to seek the Light in and around her world. In early 2015, Marci was diagnosed with cancer (Acute Myeloid Leukemia), she and her family were told that she was the sickest person in the entire hospital and to prepare for the worst. Six months later Marci walked out cancer-free. She recalls the first time she had chemo, she felt so sick and weak; intuitively knowing that the next round, she would approach it with a new mindset. Because of that mindset shift she never felt sick again throughout the rest of her chemotherapy treatments. She continuously improved and recovered and found her strength. By aligning herself with the power of intention and manifesting her own healing, she realized that we all have available to us an entire other energetic realm of healing capacities. This began her formal path and training in energy work and healing. Today Marci is both an Usui Reiki Master and Crystal Reiki Master, practicing in Franklin, TN, where she resides with her husband and three daughters. Forever thankful and inspired by the hope and promise of each new day, Marci’s belief is that, like crystals, we all have endless possibilities. Marci is continuously in awe of the beauty of life and everything magical and mystical!

Marci is co-founder of the New Earth Almanac and serves as Events Director & Special Projects/Social Media Producer. She has also served as Treasurer & Event Planner for The Lightwork Awards. She is on the organizer team for the New Earth Nashville Meetup group and captain of Team Hope for Light the Night, Nashville. Marci is also currently training in a Shamanic Energy Healer program. She holds a bachelor's degree in elementary education from Bloomsburg University. You can read her collection of articles published in the New Earth Almanac here.

Check out her website and follow her @reikibymarci and