Start the week off with Kimberly Millstone's inspiring take on Sacred Economy from our Spring edition and the reminder that we are all wealth generators!

Have you ever bought an item or a class without understanding why you did so because it was a class that you never watched or a thing that you didn’t need but instead passed it on to someone else? I have, many times. It took me awhile to realize that what I was actually doing was supporting the maker. I felt compelled to do so by some unknown force. There was a feeling of joy within me at the content or craft that had been made. I didn’t need this thing, but I was excited that it existed. I wanted to express my gratitude that it had found its way to Earth by supporting it with my own money.

I’ve done this more times than I can count and with ever increasing frequency, especially now that I know this is Sacred Economy. This is the reciprocal force of the Universe acting through us humans, redistributing resources to those who are in the flow of life, creating from their hearts. It is my great joy to be a part of this dance, and I know that what I give always comes back to me threefold.

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