By Lori Bradford Miles

A set of runes are carved symbols made by cutting notches into wood “sticks” or staves. Each stave is carved with a symbol/letter of the Ogham alphabet. Casting or tossing the staves upon a surface is an ancient form of divination. Ogham staves can be laid out in spreads based on Druid myths and symbols for divination. For a basic reading using your homemade rune staves (see Lori's instructions in her article on page 19 of our Winter Spiritual Journal!) or those you've acquired, shuffle them in a cloth bag or face down, then draw one and use the key below for your decoded message. For a more nuanced reading, a popular spread would be the Ray of Light spread which resembles the Arwen symbol, using three staves. For divination, each rune placed along the Arwen rays can be read to represent Past, Present and Future; Spiritual, Physical, Emotional; or Spirit, Ancestor and Deity.‌‌

Letters and Meanings for the Celtic Ogham Alphabet

B -  Birch: New beginnings, change, rebirth, transformation.

Astrology Birth: December 24th – January 20th.

L - Rowan: Creativity, Inspiration, Prophecy.

Astrology Birth: January 21st – February 17th.

N - Ash: Renewal, A unique path for you.

Astrology Birth: February 18th – March 17th.

F - Alder: Intuition, Inner Guidance, Sacrifice.

Astrology Birth: March 18th – April 14th.

S - Willow: Connection to self, Imagination, Empowerment.

Astrology Birth: April 15th – May 12th.

N - strength and straightness of tree branches.

H - Hawthorn: Humility, Protection, Love, New possibilities.

Astrology Birth: May 13th – June 9th.

D - Oak: Ritual, Wisdom, Resilience.

Astrology Birth: June 10th – July 7th.

T - Holly: Harmony, Bold, Powerful, Bravery.

Astrology Birth: July 8th – August 4th.

C - Hazel: Knowledge, Creativity,Practicality, Enlightenment.

Astrology Birth: August 5th – September 1st.

Q - Apple: Wholeness, Spiritual Harmony, Warrior

M - Grape Vine: Pleasure, Intoxicating, Celebration.

Astrology Birth: September 2nd – September 29th.

G - Ivy: Abundance, Community, Gratitude.

Astrology Birth: September 30th – October 27th.

Ng - Broom Reed Fern: Vitality, Remembering, Independence, Wellness.

Astrology Birth: October 28th – November 24th.

Z - Blackthorn: Unexpected, Unforeseen truth.

R - Elder: Passion, Self-Reflection, Maturity, Awareness.

Astrology Birth: November 25th – December 23rd.‌‌

The Vowels

A - Fir or Pine: Euphoria, Awakening Purity, Rise above adveristy.

E  - Aspen: Consciousness, Divination, Overcoming Death.

I - Yew: Ancestors, Natural Cycle, Eternal Life, Regeneration.

O - Furze or Gorse: Vibrancy, Intimacy Eroticism, Desire.

U - Heather: Luck, Magic, Freshness.

A White Witch herself, Lori has tapped into ancient ancestral ways of old where Tree Spirits are the wisdom keepers of the New Earth. You can find her tossing runes on her land in Kingston Springs, TN. You can find her on Etsy @SacredAncestorDolls and on Instagram @AlchemyWhiteWitch.