Dear New Earthlings,

This month you’ll hear from the wise teachers and healers that make up the New Earth Almanac tribe on a subject you may not normally expect those in positions of guiding or leading others to speak and share about... fear.

In the New Earth, authenticity is the new face of courage. We may not know what lurks around every corner, but in these pages, you can count on us to be, as well as share from, our true and authentic selves in the spirit of connection and support.

On the editorial team alone, we faced fears and stepped up and out in new exciting ways this month. Our new On Air offerings serve as a way to bring fresh New Earth voices to light. First, through our new podcast, New Earth Conversations, which reveals a deeply connected and vulnerable side to the Contributor Circle, we dive into everything from what inspires us and how we envision the New Earth emerging, to what honestly scares us the most about the times we're in and how to move past those fears and into our callings despite them. Secondly, through our new video series, Soul Animals & the Stars, co-founder Marci Lingelbach and I step out on camera for the first time—despite our many fears and inhibitions—to bring the Light to new spaces.

Look ahead to the week leading up to Halloween starting on page 57 (Devotee subscribers have access to the full-page flipbook, available now, here) and you’ll find the start to our very first Witch Week—an entire seven days of content written by and devoted to illuminating the wise women and medicine normally relegated to the shadows, but re-defined, updated for our shared "now moment", and celebrated here in the New Earth Almanac.

We hope that you'll join us this month in the collective effort to pull back the mask on fear – and discover with us that all that lies behind its mysteries is our very own power and potential.

Together, we can do it.


New Earth Almanac Editorial Circle | October 2021

Kirem Marnett, Co-founder & Managing Editor

Marci Lingelbach, Co-founder, Social Media & Special Projects Editor

Kailee Lingelbach, Copyeditor

Geoff Visgilio, Editor-at-Large & Voice-Over Artist

Eileen Bray, Voice-Over Artist

Michael Lott, Podcast Consultant

Additional Contributors

Kimberly Clo

Brent “Mage” Hanvey

Ariana Hodes

Sonia Fernández LeBlanc

Jan Mahloch

Alan Marnett

Lori Bradford Miles

Angela Morris

Veronica O’Grady

Anne Veal

May Wild

Suzie Kerr Wright