Petroglyphs, Sedona, AZ. Photo by Kirem Marnett.

Dear New Earthlings,

During my time exploring the historical monuments around Sedona, AZ this summer, I was impressed by the fact that we can tell a lot about a culture—even an ancient one like the Sinagua—by what they ate, where they slept and how they prayed. In flipping through our pages this issue (all 96 of them!) I’m beginning to capture a glimpse into our newly emerging New Earth culture. Rather than supermodels featured on our cover—images from Mother Nature herself beckon to you. In our first-time, full-page photos this issue, highlights include a grandmother and a woman with child. Rather than full page ads, we draw your attention to call-out quotes by Ram Dass, Linda Hogan and our own brilliant contributors. You’ll find recipes for tonics such as Yogi Tea and Fermented Fire Cider, passed down for generations to nourish and strengthen mind, body and soul. Rather than glorifying youth, for November we’re proud to focus our lens on exploring New Earth’s great extended family through Ancestry Week. Autumn is naturally aligned with gathering together, being with our loved ones and honoring those who came before us to make our lives possible. We hope you enjoy this month as we uncover together the contemplations and connections of not just our own familial ancestors, but beyond, to appreciate that by aligning our values with what is most important to us today—we’re forming the bonds to become New Earth family to one another for an even better tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving!


New Earth Almanac Editorial Circle | November 2021

Kirem Marnett, Co-founder, Managing Editor & Producer

Marci Lingelbach, Co-founder, Sales/Marketing Manager & Special Projects Editor/Producer

Kailee Lingelbach, Copyeditor & Publishing Consultant

Geoff Visgilio, Editor-at-Large & Voice-Over Artist

Eileen Bray, Voice-Over Artist

Michael Lott, Podcast Consultant

Additional Contributors

Kimberly Clo

J Gordon Curtis

Angela Grant

Robin Haley

Jessica Johnson

Michelle O'Connell Katz

Sonia Fernández LeBlanc

Jan Mahloch

Alan Marnett

Lori Bradford Miles

Angela Morris

Veronica O’Grady

Jeremy Ryan

Andy Sudbrock

Jason Warner

Suzie Kerr Wright