Join the New Earth Nashville tribe as we walk through an immersive celebration of art and nature: Night Visions at the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere. After sunset, we will stroll along the Zoo's pathways through a captivating show of stunning projections. Lights will dance up and down trees, shimmer on water, and illuminate the Zoo's scenery in a kaleidoscope of color. Created by Philadelphia-based company Klip Collective, this captivating, one-of-a-kind experience uses an imaginative combination of light and sound to create a unique bridge between technology and storytelling.

Co-hosted by co-founders, Marci Lingelbach and Kirem Marnett, get to know the New Earth Almanac in an interactive way through our community group, New Earth Nashville! You'll meet other contributing writers, friends and family as we take a stroll together on this magical summer night!

New Earth Nashville membership is open to subscribers of New Earth Almanac. Subscription is only $5 a month. To see event details, join today!

New Earth Nashville
Do you believe in the expansive vision of the New Earth? Where all of humankind lives in peace, freedom, health and truth with the right to pursue prosperity and happiness? Are you a Light Warrior looking for your tribe? Since 2019, New Earth Nashville has provided a haven for the

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