Do you believe in the expansive vision of the New Earth? Where all of humankind lives in peace, freedom, health and truth with the right to pursue prosperity and happiness? Are you a Light Warrior looking for your tribe? Since 2019, New Earth Nashville has provided a haven for the Light—offering high-vibe, one-of-a-kind events from social / educational gatherings and outings in nature, to grand galas (check out 2020's Lightwork Awards) as well as virtual meetups with attendees from all over the world—all have been curated and designed to help us uphold the Light and manifest the New Earth together... Join us!

New Earth Nashville was started by the co-founders of the New Earth Almanac. Membership to the group is currently complimentary for all New Earth Almanac subscribers for a limited time! Check out the synergistic content we generate via our Daily Devotional email and quarterly spiritual journal all available through Subscribe today:

What type of media can I expect? We currently publish the Almanac in the following ways: 1.) The full-page digital magazine launched on the New Moon each month. 2.) An emailed version delivering individual entries to your inbox daily 3.) The Audio Almanac offers voiced-over renditions of most arti…

Upcoming Events

  • New Earth Night Out: Night Visions at Nashville Zoo (July date TBA!)
  • Six week prosperity class with Roby Chevance (First class July 12, more info coming soon!)
  • Soul Signs Virtual Group Reading with Kirem Marnett (July date TBA!)
Image taken during a previous New Earth Nashville event, the Secrets of Nashville tour with Almanac contributor, author and TV host, William Henry!