On this Self-Care Sunday we welcome the first New Moon of Fall! The New Moon always represents the beginning of a new chapter, but having Mercury in retrograde right now means this new moon also has the potential to bring up the past! We have just entered the balanced and harmonious season of Libra. Libra makes us feel a little more social and open-minded. Balance is a big theme during Libra season. We are partnering all of this beautiful Libra energy with the strong Mercury Retrograde energy that makes us want to go within and explore the depths of our inner selves. So this particular New Moon may have a tone of seeking simplicity. It is time to try to make things a little less complicated. Time to see the light in situations. This feels like the perfect time to look within, reevaluate our path, balance things out in life, and potentially revisit or close out some relationships. There has been a lot of shifting energy lately and it hasn’t been easy on many of us. It seems like everyone has been feeling a little off the past few weeks and have been trying to go within for some guidance on healing. Well this Libra New Moon may be just the medicine we need right now! So how can we utilize this moment in time for our highest good?

  1. Keep it simple. Decide to not overcomplicate life. Release worry, doubt and overthinking. Just stick to the essentials. What makes you happy? What gives you peace? Just do those basics right now.
  2. Focus on finding balance. Have too much of something in your life and not enough of something else? Figure out where your focus should be. Intentionally balance out the scales. Find a healthy and happy middle ground.
  3. Release. Release anything that feels heavy or like a burden. Look at your relationships in particular. If something is giving you heartache or is more work than its worth then gently let it go. Go where your energy is appreciated and reciprocated!
  4. Choose wisely as an act of self-love. We all have only so much energy to give. We can’t just blindly be everything to everyone. Think about how the situations we are choosing to engage in will affect us. Are they depleting us or are they energizing us? We get to choose where to put our precious attention. Try to make sure you are feeling a balance of energy and do not let yourself feel overly drained. You cannot pour from an empty cup. So make a point to protect your energy! Unplug when necessary.

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