After experiencing the absolute magic and joy I found in exploring two different spiritual singing traditions and merging them into an inspired new practice called Celtic Kirtan (see Issue 1, page 10 here), I was inspired to explore other traditions. I really do feel that our planet, with its different customs and languages, is more connected than we have ever realized.

I had the absolute honor recently to connect with Meikam Weers, a Palauan mechas, a female elder and poet. This wise elder is the epitome of grace, beauty, wisdom and utter humility, just an incredibly beautiful human “bee-ing”! We met and she shared with me the words of her beautiful homeland, the Republic of Palau, an Emerald Isle of its own in the Southwestern Pacific. The moment we spoke I felt an immediate connection—and neither of us were speaking English!

I greeted her in my native Irish, aka Gaelic, “Dia Dhuit a chara!” which translated means “God be with you friend” (Hello in Gaelic). She welcomed me in Palauan, “Ak melengmes er kau, kek mal ungil redil” which means, “I borrow your vision, beautiful woman.” Tears formed in both of our eyes—there was an immediate recognition, even though neither of us technically knew what we were saying. During our beautiful time together, we wove our languages into the following, a merging which we are proud to give a new name to and call a “New Earth Mantra.”

This first New Earth Mantra from the two Emerald Isles encapsulates the bedrock of the New Earth paradigm which is humility, empathy, authenticity, deep respect, sincerity and serenity:

Suaimhneas, Melengmes

(Su-va-ness, Meh-leng-mess)

Bolouaisei, Sin E

(Bolo-why-say, Shin-ay)


Suaimhneas: Gaelic for “Utter Serenity” or “Calmness”

Melengmes: Palauan for “Borrow Vision”

Bolouaisei: Palauan for “Let it be, let it be so”

Sin E: Gaelic for “That’s it”

Today is also Meikam's birthday, “Lá breithe shona duit,” Meikam! As we all walk each other into this beautiful new reality, let's raise our voices in solidarity, love, unity and joy.

Below is a video of me (in Tipperary, Ireland) chanting this together with Meikam, along with her daughter Kirem Marnett during their visit to Sedona, Arizona:

Eileen Bray is a singer, textile artist, professional voice-over artist and the creator of Celtic Kirtan. She is also a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, Infinite Possibilities Trailblazer and student of Celtic Shamanism. She splits her time between Tipperary, Ireland, and Nashville, TN. Find her online at, and on Instagram @mysticalcelt111.