Let Discovery Channel have its Shark Week... Here at New Earth Almanac we have Witch Week!

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The veil is thinning and we are diving in! We dispel myths and reclaim the feminine power as not one to relegate to the shadows but to honor in order to keep masculine/feminine energy in balance. Become a Devotee subscriber today to join us in celebrating the power of the *REAL* meaning behind a WITCH = W.H.I.I.C.H. (Women of Higher Intuition and Intelligence Can Heal). For the entire week, we’ll be highlighting the magic of intuition, Halloween traditions, modern-day witches, and investigating all things witchy!

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Enjoy Part 1 of our New Earth Conversations podcast below with actual Witches and WHIICHes!

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Check out the latest installment of our new podcast, New Earth Conversations... the Witch Week Edition! Scroll down to listen!

Circle Participants in order of appearance (all based in the Nashville, TN area): Kirem Marnett, Lori Bradford Miles, Angela Morris and Marci Lingelbach.

In Part 1: WHIICHes, Beliefs and Shadow Work, hosted by Kirem Marnett, we kick off a roundtable discussion with some of the co-creators and contributors to the New Earth Almanac on:

  • What does it mean to be a WITCH?
  • In what ways modern women can identify with or as witches and why
  • How much of the fear and suspicion around witches has to do with facing our own shadows
  • How fairy tales and societal labels around witches have reflected limiting beliefs... and served to keep women, especially, "under control"
  • How witches represent a deeper connection to NATURE, a realm that allows us to be in closer alignment with Higher Self
  • Reclaiming the word and giving it a new meaning: Witch... or W.H.I.I.C.H.?
  • Could witches represent the ability to heal self or others--and thus be the biggest threat to society?
  • To start the process of shadow work, we must begin questioning our own beliefs
  • The opportunity in the New Earth to reclaim power through personal responsibility... and taking ownership over our shadow to become an integrated whole

Reference points regarding the discussion for our listeners:

  • What lies beyond the forbidden boundary? The Village directed by M. Night Shyamalan:
  • Listen to learn more about Marci embodying the "Fairy Witch"! Shown here holding baby goat, Oscar, at Miles Away Farm 🥰:
  • The promise of shadow work! 😂
  • Stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3 to be released this week!

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