As we experience the paradigm shift together, one thing falling away and feeling increasingly out of touch is the concept of the lone patriarchal figure at the top of an organization, the archtypal iron-fisted CEO that we've all come to assume is male, older, rich, arrogant and leads in an imposing way. Under such a character, the punishing, taskmaster-driven culture of fear at work feels so bleak, heavy and dark in comparison to what is emerging.

The new way to work and how so many of us are called to collaborate together now is very incongruent with such an aging environment and its form of top-down leadership. For many of us, as we've been exploring, co-creation feels a lot more like play! Our work environments are shifting from factory settings to quite literally, our own homes--where we have access to our backyards, neighborhoods and local parks. When we inject "play" into a new plan for "work", it conjures up very different surroundings. The stiff, old C.E.O. character seems infinitely silly standing on a playground.

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